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Offline Dictionary apps are very convenient use in different situations – whether you are traveling to a new country, check the meaning of a few new words for learning, grabbing a new language as a skill or you didn’t understand any word in class, at jon or at a gathering with friends, it’s always useful to have a Dictionary apps in your phone.

Dictionary apps are useful But sometimes we don’t have internet connection on our phones, so having a few offline dictionary apps sounds like the perfect app to install in our phone. After looking through the so many dictionary apps available on the Play Store and App Store, in English as well as in foreign languages, we have gather all in one place for you so you can decide which one to install. So here we go – The Best Dictionary Apps that you can install and use offline.

Best English Offline Dictionary Apps

English Dictionary – Offline


This Dictionary is called as “English Dictionary – Offline”, this app is having a interface and functions offline right out the box. That, however, doesn’t mean it lacks the more advanced features.

This is my personal favourite English Dictionary app because it packs some amazing features. “English Dictionary – Offline” is capable of syncing your data if you have bookmarks, notes, across many devices. In addition to that, there is an OCR tool that you can employ for simplifying scanning the word through the camera instead of typing. It also offer a random word of the day for you to learn every day and more. “English Dictionary – Offline” is free and available for Android only.

Download English Dictionary – Offline

Arcus Dictionary


The Arcus offline Dictionary app is available for free on Google Play Store and suits to all Android devices, be them phones or tablets. This app is having an offline database that includes more than 165000 words, as well as definitions and synonyms and antonyms for those, the app can be easily used wherever you are located.

There is only one time internet connection required at the beginning so that you can download the 6.2 MB application in your smartphone. Once you are done, you can start taking advantage of the definitions, favorite features, sharing, hyperlinking and customization options.

Download Arcus Dictionary for Android


The app is a must have for Android and iOS and the most exhaustive platform available in this list, at least for English. In addition to letting you browse offline, it comes with a various variety of supplementary features like “Word of the Day”, quizzes, medical, science, rhyming, slang dictionaries, and more. This app supports audio pronunciations as well, and it houses over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms.

On the first boot, it will require internet connection to download all the necessary offline files, so you can take advantage of it without connecting to the internet. You can have access to definitions in English and reference words you researched in the past, by accessing the archive. The app even tells you the backstory of a particular word. Pronunciation, though, are available only online. It’s free, and you can download it from the links down below.

Download for Android

Download for iOS


This is the last, for English, we have the dictionary app by This one is quite similar to and has a variety of features in addition to offline access. The app comes with daily content alerts like “Word of the day” and has various other field dictionaries too like medical, legal, financial, and more. It’s available for free for both iOS and Android.

Download Dictionary for Android

Download Dictionary for iOS

Best Hindi Offline Dictionary Apps

Hindi Dictionary+


The app is Hindi and English app’s closest iOS counterpart is a free app called “Hindi Dictionary+”. This app comes with all the features you would require like the translation, offline access, and even many games for improving your vocabulary. This app also comes with phrase book which can help you speak common phrases. It’s free and can be downloaded from the link down below.

Download Hindi Dictionary+ for iOS

English Hindi Dictionary

You must have guess, this app lets you look up meanings for English and Hindi words in both languages and that too without any internet connection. The app can even read the words out loud and comes with so many learning games like crossword, scrabble, and more. There is even a user community where you can post specific questions regarding words or sentences and you will get the answers. It’s free but only available for Android right now.

Download English Hindi Dictionary for Android

Best Spanish Offline Dictionary Apps

SpanishDict Translator


If you’re on iOS, however, download an app called “SpanishDict Translator”. It works similarly and has roughly the same set of features which is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. It’s free, and you can download it from the link down below.

Download SpanishDict Translator for iOS

Spanish English Dictionary


“Spanish English Dictionary” is a straightforward English to Spanish or vice-versa dictionary which can function offline as well. Developed by the same team which designed the last app we discussed, this one also features a phrase book and flashcards if you’re still in the learning phases. It’s only available for Android, however. You can download it for free from the link down below.

Download Spanish English Dictionary for Android

Best French Offline Dictionary Apps

French English Dictionary


This app is for people who are looking for both French and English dictionaries in a single place for translation and learning purposes. In addition to having over 734,000 offline entries (over 492,000 for free.), the app also has flashcards if you’re just getting started with either language. There’s also a phrasebook for learning casual, everyday sentences like for transportation or eating out. It’s free for the most part and available for both iOS and Android.

Download French English Dictionary for iOS

Download French English Dictionary for Android

French Dictionary – Offline


This app is developed by the same behind “English Dictionary – Offline”, and therefore, it has the exact set of features except for one bit — the language. “French Dictionary – Offline”, as the name suggests, is for people in search of an offline French dictionary. There are more than 250000 French definition, and like its English counterpart, it works offline right out the box. It’s free, and you can download it from the link below.

Download French Dictionary – Offline for Android


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