7 Latest Web Development Technologies

Latest Web Development Technologies

Technologies have become a part of our lives, they literally surround us everywhere: television, the Internet, Internet banking, cellular communications, and so on. They help us save lives, do our homework, and even study. Today we can forget about boring homework – we can delegate assignments and projects to helpers – such companies as https://cwassignments.com. Now let’s look at the most important innovations of the 21st century that will change, or have already changed our lives.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence appeared not so long ago, but the very term “AI” was heard by humanity back in 1956. Artificial Intelligence is not only a super robot like Jarvis from the movie “Iron Man”. It’s a sophisticated technology that can recognize faces, build routes in a navigator, prove theorems, play chess, and even write music. AI can be learned and has many incarnations, for example:

  • chatbots
  • smart assistants: Siri, Cortana, Alisa, Alexa, Google Assistant;
  • recommendation engines that help users choose the music or TV program they like.


The concepts of UX and UI are about 70 years old, but many people still confuse them. In fact, UI and UX are two different design profiles, but most often tasks in both areas are closely related, and therefore they are done by one specialist. What is UX / UI design? Product packaging, ergonomics, outdoor advertising, website prototype, and its structure – all this can be called UI / UX design because with its help the final product becomes convenient for the buyer. The only difference is that modern UI / UX designers use modern tools. Now let’s look at UX and UI as two different concepts:

  • UX. Literally means “user experience”. In a broader sense, this is the concept of all the experience that a user gets when interacting with a site or application.
  • UI. Literally means “user interface”. And not necessarily just graphic: tactile, voice or sound. The main tasks that a UX / UI designer deals with are designing custom screens, performing work in a corporate style, drawing details, and forming a guide for creating a software product.

Push Notifications

You can return a user to the site in at least 3 ways: e-mail, SMS, and retargeting. But there is another way – push notifications. Push notifications are pop-up icons familiar to every user. The user independently subscribes to push-mail. The subscription procedure is simplified as much as possible: it is carried out with one click on the “Allow” button in the service window of the browser. There are two types of notifications:

• browser
• mobile

The clear advantage of this method is its fast one-click subscription and high visibility. Push notification appears right before your eyes, unlike email newsletters and SMS messages that still need to be opened. Mobile push notifications are worth noting. The user will be the first to know about the announcement of new features of the application, will receive a reminder that it is worth entering the application, etc.

What do they give?

  1. New effective communication channel;
  2. Automation: all marketing processes can be automated, and push notifications are no exception;
  3. Ease: push notifications are very easy to set up with only a laptop or phone at hand;

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a world created by technical means, transmitted to a person through his senses, such as sight, hearing, touch, and others. The scope of virtual reality technologies is much wider than many people realize. In addition to the obvious field of entertainment, virtual reality technologies are now being used in real estate, education, modeling, automotive, and even medicine. With the help of VR, surgeons train their skills, psychologists treat their patients for phobias and PTSD. VR technologies can be used to introduce new employees to laboratories and production, as well as to teach complex technological processes. Virtual reality technology will be especially interesting for the development of tourism. For example, city-wide games that will interest the modern generation in history using VR.

Progressive Web Apps

The popularity of progressive web applications is gaining momentum every year, so it’s worth figuring out what it is. Progressive Web Apps are sites that are similar to smartphone apps, mostly in functionality. Benefits of Progressive Web Apps:

  • Reliability – the application is downloaded and displayed immediately, regardless of the quality of the network connection.
  • Attractiveness – makes the user experience with the application comfortable and pleasant, encouraging him to re-visit.
  • PWA pages can be less than 1MB.
  • One strategy for increasing repeat visits is to send push notifications, as described above. Push notifications remind the user that new content has appeared on the site.

We all know the phrase “Ok, Google”, but not everyone knows what is behind it. With the help of voice search, you can make inquiries from both a PC and a mobile device – companies are actively creating assistants who will make life easier for each of us. The use of voice assistants is growing every year, and analysts believe that in the next couple of years, the number of requests with their help will equal the number of manually typed ones. Assistants are most often used to navigate, asking them to turn on music, set an alarm, get directions to get around town, or call someone from your contact list.

What are the most popular voice assistants?

  • Microsoft Cortana from Microsoft is a standalone application, not a built-in application
  • Google Assistant is the successor to Google Now;
  • Amazon Alex, which Amazon has integrated into its devices;
  • Siri from Apple, which appeared a little earlier than its competitors;
  • Yandex Alice, from Yandex – this voice assistant has a well-developed two-way voice communication;

Micro Frontends

Micro Front-end is a fairly new topic in front-end development. One of the solutions to most of the problems of monolithic architecture is called “microservices”. In simple terms, a frontend is a monolith in development, and a micro frontend is a small block in this monolith. Micro Front-end architecture makes life easier if:

  • more than 10 people are working on the project and there is a plan for expansion;
  • the application consists of abstract isolated modules, which in the future can be separate applications;
  • modules contain only what is necessary for work, which provides the best code optimization;
  • a micro frontend allows you to send parts of the system to release separately. This is useful when there are many teams, and they have floating performance;

It is rare to find a pure micro frontend – the most common type of programming is mixed

In 2021, technology is everywhere and all we have to do is adapt to it and explore new technologies. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, micro frontend, voice search, and design are all the latest developments of humanity that can change our lives. Despite this, some people rely solely on technology and believe that they will do all the work for themselves. Therefore, do not forget that you need to develop and become an expert in your field – technologies will definitely help you with this.

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