How To Fix Adblock Not Working On VRV

If you are like me love watching anime that means the streaming service is a haven for you. We fans love to watch the anime on VRV but the bombing of ads makes the user experience annoying. And there is no option provided to us by VRV to skip these ads. Adblock not working on VRV as they apply techniques to overcome these adblockers. So here is the tutorial for VRV Adblock.

VRV Adblock not working how to fix it?

You should always Keep in mind that is a cross-platform application. It has a web version along with iOS and Android applications.

Update Your AdBlock Extension and Filter Lists to the Latest Version

VRV keeps on applying different techniques to circumvent and bypass adblockers. An outdated AdBlock extension or outdated filter lists will not be able to keep up with the newly applied techniques.

In that case, updating your AdBlock extension and filter lists to the latest version may solve the problem.

  1. Launch Chrome and click on the Action Menu (3 dots near the top right corner) and then click on More Tools.
  2. Then in the sub-menu, click on Extensions.
  3. Near the top right corner, enable the Developer mode.
  4. Now click on Update to update all the extensions.
  5. After completion of the updating process, relaunch Chrome and then open VRV to check if ads are blocked. If not, then you can try to update filter lists.
  6. Although filter lists are updated automatically, users can also update them manually, follow the instructions on the official page of AdBlock. These instructions are for filter lists for AdBlock and you may follow instructions as per your adblocking extension.
  7. After updating filter lists, check if the problem is solved.

Change Hosts File to Bypass In-Stream Ads

When VRV plays ads in a stream, it uses to play ads. We can change the hosts file to play a trick which will stop ads from loading.

  1. Close your web browser.
  2. Press Windows key and type Notepad. Then in the resulting list, right-click on Notepad and then click on Run as Administrator.
  3. Now in Notepad, click on File and then click on Open.
  4. Now in the Open dialogue box, change from Text Documents to All Files.
  5. Then Navigate to your “hosts files” directory. Usually, it is located at
  1. In the files shown, select the “Hosts” file.
  2. Now in the host files at end of #, add a new line127.0.0.1 static.vrv.coIn fact, by making this change we are telling your browser search to search your system for the ads, which are certainly not there, and thus ads will fail to load and hence, ads will be skipped.
  3. Then save and close the file.
  4. Now open your browser and check if VRV is showing ads.

Try in Another Browser with Another Adblocking Extension

Maybe it is your Adblocking extension/browser which has been compromised or your adblocking extension is not able to cope up with the ever-changing VRV. In that case, changing your Adblocking extension.

Following extensions are known to work for Adblocking on VRV

  1. AdBlock
  2. AdGuard
  3. StopAll Ads
  4. Ublock
  5. Ublock Origin
  6. Adblock Plus

Use Opera’s with Its Built-in Adblocker

Opera’s built-in adblocker outperforms many famous adblocking extensions. I have found positive feedback from users who reported that they didn’t come across any ads when surfing using Opera

  1. Download and install the Opera browser.
  2. Now launch Opera and open its settings. (Alt+P is shortcut key).
  3. On top of settings, enable the AdBlock feature.
  4. Now open VRV to check if ads are shown.

Use Nano Defender

VRV uses anti-AdBlock detection to serve the ads. There is some browser extension that can bypass anti-AdBlock detection. Nano defender is one of the best extensions. But it only works with the Nano Adblocker or you can make it work with Ublock Origin.

  1. Download Nano Defender.
  2. Nano Defender can be used with Nano Adblocker.
  3. Nano Defender can also Make to work with Ublock Origin.
  4. Then launch your web browser and check if ads in VRV are shown.

Use Developer Tools

If your adblocker extension could not block ads on VRV, then we can use developer tools of Chrome to stop ads from loading by blocking the URL/domain that is used to serve the ads.

  1. Launch Chrome and open VRV.
  2. Now right-click on the page and select “Inspect”.
  3. Now press Control+Shift+P to open the Command Drawer.
  4. Now type “Show Request Blocking” and press Enter.
  5. In the new panel, check the option of “Enable Request Blocking”.Check the Option of Enable Request Blocking
  6. Now click the plus button and type “” and click Add.
  7. Keep the dev console open and check if the problem is solved.
  8. Keep in mind that you should keep dev console to keep it working and seeing without ads.

If you are still having issues or the URL for serving ads by VRV is changed, then follow the instructions below:

  1. On the website, right-click on the page and then click ‘Inspect‘.
  2. Now in dev console, click on the ‘Network‘ tab.
  3. Now click on ‘media‘, which will show all the video ads that are currently running on the page.
  4. Now play a video on and the requests will be shown in the panel. These requests will be from some other website that is used to serve the ads.
  5. In the panel, right-click on an ad and click the ‘Block request domain’. And thus, that ad-serving website will be added to your block list. Now check if ads are shown on VRV.

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