8 Best Monitor Arm for Ultrawide

Gone are the days when your desk is covered with useful stuff and the monitor occupies the maximum space. Other than that,  staying in front of the big screen for 8-10 years is exhausting and your neck needs some rest. That’s where the role of monitor arms, especially for ultra-wide screens hops in. We have settled a  list of the best monitor arms for ultrawide from myriad options out there that resemble all the ergonomic features you are looking for. 

Why Use Monitor Arm for Ultrawide Monitors?

Monitor arms, also known as monitor mounts or monitor stands, are adjustable mounting solutions that allow you to elevate and position your monitor at an optimal height, tilt, and angle. They provide a wide range of benefits for users, including:

  1. Ergonomic Comfort: Proper ergonomics is essential to reduce strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. Monitor arms allow you to adjust the height, tilt, and angle of your monitor to an optimal position, promoting a healthy posture and reducing the risk of developing musculoskeletal issues.
  2. Increased Desk Space: Ultrawide monitors are wider than traditional monitors, and using a monitor arm can help you save precious desk space by elevating your monitor off the desk surface, creating a clutter-free and organized workspace.
  3. Flexibility and Adjustability: Monitor arms provide you with the flexibility to adjust your monitor to your preferred viewing position, whether it’s tilting, swiveling, or rotating. This allows you to customize your monitor setup to your individual preferences and work requirements.
  4. Improved Productivity: Having an ergonomic and organized workspace can significantly improve your productivity by reducing distractions, minimizing eye strain, and increasing your focus and concentration.

How to Choose the Best Monitor Arm for Ultrawide Monitors

Choosing the right monitor arm for your ultrawide monitor can seem overwhelming with the myriad of options available in the market. Here are some key factors to consider to ensure you make an informed decision:

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the monitor arm is a crucial factor to consider, as it determines the maximum weight that the arm can support. Ultrawide monitors are typically larger and heavier than traditional monitors, so it’s essential to choose a monitor arm with a weight capacity that can comfortably support your monitor’s weight without sagging or wobbling.

VESA Compatibility

Most monitors, including ultrawide monitors, come with a standard VESA mount pattern, which is a set of mounting holes on the back of the monitor. It’s crucial to check the VESA compatibility of the monitor arm to ensure that it matches the VESA pattern of your ultrawide monitor. This will ensure a secure and stable mounting of your monitor on the arm.

Adjustability Options

Monitor arms come with various adjustability options, such as height adjustment, tilt, swivel, and rotation. Consider the range of adjustability offered by the monitor arm and choose one that provides the flexibility to adjust your monitor to your preferred viewing position and ergonomics.

Installation Method

Monitor arms can be installed using different methods, such as clamp mount, grommet mount, or desk mount. Choose a mounting method that is compatible with your desk setup and provides a stable and secure attachment to your desk.

Material and Build Quality

The material and build quality of the monitor arm are crucial factors to consider for durability and stability. Look for monitor arms made from high-quality materials, such as steel or aluminum, with sturdy construction and reliable mechanisms for long-lasting performance.

What is an Ultrawide Monitor? 

Features That Matter! 

Best Ultrawide Monitor Arm

1. Vivo Premium Aluminum Heavy Duty Arm

All those looking for a sturdy arm free from breakage at an affordable range can instantly think about the Vivo heavy-duty arm. As the product specifically mentions that it can hold up to 49 inches of the monitor or about 33 lbs of weight. The entire body is made up of aluminum and is of table mount type. The heavy-duty arm is available on Amazon at a price range of $95-$99 depending on your location. 

Features You Get.

  • The monitor screen types it holds are particularly curved or flat displays. 
  • The Vivo arm product makes articulating movement types at adjustable heights. 
  • The maximum arm extension to expect is up to 23 inches. 
  • It’s a single desk mount stand with a maximum VESA of 100*100. You can even remove the VESA plates for de-installing or easy screen mounting purposes. 
  • To give an overall clean monitor setup, it comes with integrated cable management. 
  • C. clamp installation with desks without pre-installed opening. 


If you are wanting to have your ultrawide monitor installed in a way that will offer a flexible motion range of up to 180° swivel, rotation, or – or + 45° tilt, then Vivo heavy-duty arm is a smart choice. However, for 360° rotational preferences, look for alternatives.  The desk clamp gives rooted support allowing the grommet mount to adapt to a variety of desk layouts. The product also comes with three years of manufacturer warranty to retrieve your claims if found defective. However, the company should work on its VESA Configuration. 

2. Amazon Basic Single Monitor Stand. 

Introducing another incredible arm monitor holder by Amazon basics, which is a lift engine arm mount. The exterior color designs are black and grey with an aluminum body. The price range is also reasonable which is between $79.99-$99.99. 

Features You Get! 

  • Complete 360° rotation is possible with landscape or portrait displays. 
  • The arm can support 32 inches of ultrawide monitor with a max weight of 25 lbs. 
  • It has a full 180° angular swivel and 75 degrees of angular tilts. 
  • The VISA compatibility is 75*75 mm or 100*100 mm configuration. 
  • The aluminum body gives a sturdy structure. 


The best part about the monitor arm by Amazon basics is that it arrives with an installation guide. Such a guide is a savior for those who have no idea about mounted clamps. Other than that the hardware kit includes customized tension control. But the only issue about Amazon’s basic monitor arm is that the grommet mount is missing and the tilt angle is far limited. 

3. Mount -it! Premium Single Mount Arm

The premium amount desk arm is of adjustable gas springs and is capable of holding up to 35 inches of the monitor. The mount can be easily installed as well as quickly released with 1.9 inches grommet and C-clamp fitting up to 3 inches. What’s extraordinary if you ask, we will say that it has two 3.0 USB ports and 2 multimedia ports. So as the company says, the connection will be at your fingertips. The latest price for the premium single mount arm is $109.99 on Amazon. 

Features You Get! 

  • The Gas spring has a holding capacity of up to 33 lbs.
  • The screen rotation happens to be at 360° with + and – 45° tilt ranges. 
  • The VESA-compatible mm are 100*100; 200*200; 200*100 and 75*75 mm
  • It can accommodate both large and small desks with customized arm length. 
  • It comes with a quick release tab for easy detaching or attaching the monitor arm. 
  • The exterior color is black and is made of aluminum body. 
  • The cable management port gives a sorted look.


We love most of its features such as its computer screen ranging from 17″ to 35″ to holding and the versatile patterns that the VESA adapter supports. They have adjustable tension with an Allen wrench alongside the duo USB ports and audio ports. But the time-consuming experience of tightening the VESA bracket hinges as the head won’t slant on its own is a kind of a disappointment. 

4. Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm. 

The brand speaks for itself, as Ergotron has remained a reputed name when it comes to ergonomic desks, computing, and monitor arms. The outer body is made up of aluminum construction with a total weighting capacity of 11.3 kg or 34 inches of monitor displays. The clamp mount can be possible with a desk surface of 60 mm thickness. The VESA monitor mounting holes should either be of 75 *75 mm or 100*100 mm pattern for the arms. The pan adjustment of the rotation can be 369 degrees. 

Features You Get! 

  • Both clamp (  10-60 mm) and grommet (8-50.8 mm)  mount ranges are available. 
  • The outer material is aluminum and tilting is possible at 75 degrees with 70 degrees forward and 5 degrees backward. 
  • The height can be adjusted to 33 cm.


The exterior look is more like a rugged design and comes with a lot of flexibility in adjusting. Besides, everything else the brand itself carries credibility and quality. If your ultra-wide monitor is within 34 inches then go for it otherwise only a 20 cm height adjustment is possible.

5. HUANUO Monitor Mount Stand. 

The arm mount by Huanuo can hold up to 13 to 35 inches of a monitor weighing up to 26.4 lbs without any kind of breakage risk. It’s the ergonomic outcome with height adjustment and complete 360° rotation. Both clamp and desk mounting is possible within the thickness of 0.39 to 3.54 inches. The compatible VESA mm includes 75*75 mm and 100*100 mm with cable management setups. 

Features You Get! 

  • The Gas spring arm extends up to 25.6 inches which is more than any other renowned brand. 
  • It comes with a USB management integration which solved the problem of cable clutter and gives a clean look. 
  • It can hold weight in ranges between 6.6 to 26.4 lbs. 
  • The arms can swivel (-) and (+) 90° of ultrawide monitor with a tilt rotating between -45° to up to +90° angular direction.
  • 360° rotation. 


The ergonomic solution it provides in such an economical price range ($75-$79.9) is a rare combination to find. Besides that, it’s eye soothing and rescues you from all messiness on the desk as it comes with an integrated cable management setup. A few customers complained about the sturdiness and the material the cable stand used. However, that again can be a glitch from the manufacturer’s side so can be returned if found defective.

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6. Vari Dual – Monitor Arm. 

As of now, we have mostly focused on bigger monitors with displays over 32″ but the Vari dual monitor arm is the best dual arm with small monitors. The dual monitor arm is capable of holding smaller monitors of  19.8 inches to 24 inches at max weighing 8.9 kgs. The monitor arm is recommended for those devices with a display of a 16:5 aspect ratio. The product is available in two options: for the single-arm monitor it prices $175 and for double arms, it costs $192.50. 

Features You Get! 

  • The arms can be adjusted within a height of 12 inches and the base post height of 6.5 inches. 
  • The monitor would rotate 360 degrees with a VESA day mount of 75*75 mm and 100*100 mm. 
  • The maximum arm extension is 29 inches and the specialty is you can rotate both the monitors in portrait and landscape mode. 


For two reasons the Vari Dual arm mount is unique. Firstly, it mainly is made up of smaller monitors and secondly, it supports two monitors at a time. The price is also reasonable compared to the flexible rotating, tilts, and swivel. The product also permits a five years warranty. However, if the monitor is of a larger display then the monitor arm is of no use to you. Also, the assembling of the arm mounts is time-consuming. So, if either condition suits you, go for it.  

7. WALI singled monitor arm. 

The WALI monitor arm is much easier and highly compatible with ultrawide monitors. It can hold a maximum of 33 lbs with 0.4 to 33” desks. The mounting is possible with a grommet or c clamp mount base. It’s a single monitor arm by WALI. 

Features You Get! 

  • The VESA monitor compatibility is 75 mm or 100 mm which is universal. 
  • It can adjust around 23 inches of height on the working desk. 
  • The monitor arm can tilt 45 degrees and swivel for – and + 90 degrees. 
  • The robust monitor gas Spring arm. 


We are particularly impressed by the fine finishing and aesthetic design of the monitor arm. Other than that, it can be adjusted smoothly and does come with integrated cable management. However, the brand model is missing certain premium features like dual monitor holding. 

8. Fully Jarvis Monitor Mounting Arm. 

To those looking for a single arm mount for the Ultrawide monitor, this silver sleek arm handle may appear appealing. The silver mounting arm fits up to thirty-two inches of a computer display with ergonomic positioning to relieve your spine and neck. The Gas activated arm is fully adjustable and stable with 360-degree landscape and portrait rotation. The mounting arm has the color variation of silver black or white and can be either a single or dual arm holder. For single arms, it costs $129 and for dual, the piece starts from $179. 

Feature You Get! 

  • It has built-in cord management with VESA compatibility of 75 and 100 mm.
  • The arm mount can handle a monitor between 13 inches to 32 inches with a weighing maximum of 19.8 lbs. 
  • The ultrawide monitor arm can be clamp mounted within .4 inches to 3.5 inches of thickness. 
  • A plastic cable management clip also comes with the product for a more ordered look.
  •  The base joint will rotate up to 270° while the middle joint rotates a whole 360°. 


Full Jarvis Mount monitoring Arm is truly awesome but aesthetic-wise and functionally compared to the price of the arm holder. It can undoubtedly hold up to 20 lbs of weight with the standard clamp mounting. It’s easy to unscrew it anytime you need it. However, if you have a VESA-compatible monitor above 32 inches then a full Jarvis product may not be a fitting choice for you. 

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It’s Time To Look For The Best Monitor Arms for Ultrawide!

For all those gameaholics or tech-savvy buyers, installing the arms for the ultra-wide monitor will relieve them. They can stay more focused with adjustable tilts and rotations.  The cable manager of the arms gives a clearer impression of the work desks. All of the best monitor arms for ultrawide mentioned above come in variable price ranges with versatile features.


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