How to Increase Call Volume on Android (5 Ways 2024)

We are in 2021 and Android smartphones these days come with great call quality cellular reception and good volume but if you’re the type that likes to listen to your calls at an even higher volume, there are many third-party workarounds for you. These methods will work with almost any Android device out there and provide you with a better in-call experience. Here is a list of five ways to use including earpiece volume booster to enhance your overall call experience.

Volume+ (Volume Booster GOOD)

Volume+ is another Android application that will work on most devices and would help you to increase the volume more than the maximum limit on your device. It will also alter the volume of the headset, and the loudspeaker for notifications and ringtones. It will not alter the volume of the earphone plugged into the device, however. Download it from the Google Play Store.

Volume Booster


  • It works on most Android smartphones (even for Android versions earlier than Jellybean)
  • It provides an easy-to-use interface to boost the volume
  • It has an inbuilt equalizer that you can adjust


  • It does not allow you to boost the volume of your earphone plugged into the device.

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Enable In-Call Volume Boost for Samsung Devices

Samsung had introduced a new feature in its Android 4.3 update on certain devices an option to boost call volume during the call. If it is available on your phone, it will be displayed on your Samsung phone like in the image above. Just click on that button and it will enable a volume boost mode for you.

Call Volume Booster for Android

Volume Booster is an Android application that will help you to increase the overall volume of your device. It will boost the loudspeaker volume, the headset volume, and the earphone volume if you have it plugged into your device. It allows you to do so with a single tap of the button in the app. Download it from the Google Play Store.

Call Volume Booster for Android


  • It allows you to boost up the volume for all speakers and tones on your device
  • It also boosts the volume for the earphone plugged into the phone


  • It is difficult to change the volume boost during a call

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Enable Noise Cancellation on your Device

Almost every Android smartphone, these days are equipped with a very useful setting for Noise Cancellation during calls. It mainly cancels out the background noise and gives a better call experience to the receiver, but on certain devices, it can also block or cancel out sounds coming from the other end. To check if your device has this feature or if it supports it, go to Settings on your phone and then Call Settings. If you see an option for Noise cancellation/reduction, enable that option and give it a try.

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Flashing your device with a new Kernel and Custom ROM

Another the last workaround for devices is to install a newer custom kernel for your device and then install a new custom ROM on your device. You can browse through the XDA forums to find out the latest and most stable kernel for your device which will help you increase call volume to an extent. Also, installing a custom ROM will also help you at times. Though keep this in mind that this option is for more techie people and if you don’t understand the meaning of the word custom ROM or Rooting, this method is not for you.


The workarounds we have shared in this post will help you to increase your call volume on Android devices but do keep in mind that increasing it to the maximum possible value can damage the hardware on your device and also affect your hearing in the long run. Keeping the volume at the highest is not recommended for longer periods of time.

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