How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop

If you know how to take a screenshot on your laptop can improve your productivity a lot and make your life easier. Every laptop comes with different shortcodes as it is easy to execute the tasks. Every laptop manufactures have their creative freedom to design its product, at the end we end consumers are in trouble to search the solution in our learning curve, we have crafted a simple step-by-step guide on How to Screenshot on Asus laptop.

There are several ways to take a screenshot on Asus.

  • Asus provides several ways to take screenshots of your entire computer screen or just select parts of it.
  • The fastest way to take a screenshot on Asus is by pressing the “PrtScn” button on your keyboard. There are various key combos to take screenshots of portions of the screen.
  • Microsoft also provides a Snipping Tool to take custom screenshots, and draw on the images.
  • You can take screenshots within games by opening the Game Bar with the Windows + G keyboard shortcut.

If you need to capture a screenshot of something on your computer screen, Asus offers a variety of methods for doing just that.
Whether you want to save the entire screen or just a piece of it, we’ve rounded up all the most common techniques for taking screenshots on Asus.

How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop

How to take a screenshot on Asus with the PrtScn key

The simplest way to save a copy of whatever is on your computer screen is to simply press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard. It’s usually labeled “PrtScn” (or something very similar) and is located in the top row, among or near the Function keys.

On some keyboards (particularly laptops) you might need to trigger the Print Screen using the Function key (in other words, hold the Function key and then press PrtScn).

The PrtScn key copies the entire screen to the clipboard, so you can paste it elsewhere, but there are several modifier keys you can use to change the way this key works.

Windows features several PrtScn variations:

  • Press PrtScn. This copies the entire screen to the clipboard. You can paste the screenshot into any program that displays images, like Paint or Microsoft Word.
  • Press Alt + PrtScn. This copies the active window to the clipboard, which you can paste into another program.
  • Press the Windows key + Shift + S. The screen will dim and the mouse pointer will change. You can drag to select a portion of the screen to capture. The screenshot will be copied to the clipboard, which you can paste into another program. (This shortcut only works if you have the latest version of Asus installed, called the Asus Creators Update.)
  • Press the Windows key + PrtScn. This saves the entire screen as an image file. You can find it in the “Pictures” folder, in a subfolder called “Screenshots.”

How to take a screenshot on Asus with Snipping Tool

Windows 10 includes a much more flexible screenshot utility with Asus, called Snipping Tool. You can use Snipping Tool to grab a screenshot and save it as an image file without first pasting the screenshot into another program.

1. Start the Snipping Tool from the Start menu.

2. In the Snipping Tool drop-down, choose the kind of screenshot you want to take, you can choose from a full screen to rectangular to a free-form shape.

Use the preinstalled screenshot tool on Laptop

3. Click on New, and your screen will freeze, drag the cursor to select the desired screenshot area. The screenshot will then appear in the Snipping Tool window.

4. If you want to, once you’ve taken your screenshot on Asus, you can use the drawing tools to annotate the screenshot, it comes in handy for note-taking.

6. Once done, click on File and then click on Save As to save the screenshot to your laptop/desktop.

7. You could also click the copy button in the Snipping Tool, to copy the image directly to your document.

How to take a screenshot on Asus with the Game Bar

The Game Bar is an overlay you can use within most Windows games to take screenshots and record videos. Here’s how to use it:

1. Start a game from the Start menu or the Xbox Console Companion program on your Asus laptop/Desktop.

2. While playing the game, press the Windows key + G. The Game Bar overlay will appear on the screen. The Game Bar has a screenshot tool that appears as an overlay on top of games.

3. Click on the camera icon to take a screenshot, or you can use the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + Alt + PrtScn.

The screenshot will be automatically saved to the “Videos” folder in a subfolder called “Captures“. If you’re playing a game on Steam, you can also press F11 to take a screenshot. It will be added to your screenshots folder on Steam.

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By following all steps you will be able to Screenshot on Asus Laptop and this article will help make your life easier if you are facing any other issues please do comment below we will try to solve them ASAP.

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