7 Best Free Educational Apps for Students & Kids of 2024

Choosing the right educational app is vitally important when you want to learn from high-quality resources. The internet and smartphone have finished the gap between schools and students you can attend your classes and gain knowledge anywhere anytime you want the best educational apps can help you meet your goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 7 best educational apps, along with my top 3 choices, so that you can pick the best one for you.

Best 7 Free Educational Apps for Students

Want to cut straight to the chase? The best free educational apps right now are Khan Academy, Duolingo, and SoloLearn.

Khan Academy offers lectures in multiple languages, progress tracking, and practice exercises for the School curriculum, on the other hand, you can learn a new language by using Duolingo for 10 minutes every day and SoloLearn provides excellent lessons on programming with practical guidance.

However, over the years, several other free educational apps for students have emerged to cater to different needs and preferences. This article will cover the top options ranked in order of quality. Let’s get started.

What is the Best Free Educational App for Students?

The following are the best free educational apps on the market right now.

Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Maths Solver

At number one we have an app straight from Microsoft called Microsoft math solver this is the perfect math app and you get three options here you can either scan your question or can draw something or you can type out your question and they have a little bit of a scientific calculator.

In the beta version, you can even get a 20 to 30-minute free tutoring class. The app has more than 5 million downloads and is rated at an average of 4.6 on the play store the app is not only 100 free but also free from all ads so no problem.

Download: Microsoft Math Solver



At number two we have a very interesting app called formula it’s a very cool app it gives you all the formulae of math physics chemistry, click on any topic be it physics there are many kinds of topics you’ll get all the concepts here as you also the app comes with periodic table.

What’s interesting is with the tools here you can get unit conversions, for example, if you want different conversions from one unit to another you can also get maybe what are the different units of electric current, etc the app has more than 500 000 downloads and has an average rating of 4.7 a compact and useful app for all students.

Download: Formulia

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

At number three we have our all-time favorite the Khan academy, It is a very popular app providing world-class content on school education for the longest time with the same amazing quality all for free.

So, if you’re preparing for an exam you can get a host of material here including tests and mock tests, etc. The app has different topics, they have more than 10 million downloads in the play store and have an average rating of 4.4.

Download: Khan Academy

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English

The best way to learn a language is to practice a little bit every day. Our app helps you do that with daily updates of amazing, fun, and topical lessons, transcripts, and quizzes. Watch your English grow! The BBC Learning English app comes with audio programs that you can download.

Watch or listen to each program without using text support you can listen again using the built-in transcripts and subtitles. Once you’ve practiced your listening and reading skills, use the quizzes to test your understanding.

The app will remember your scores so you can keep trying until you get the result you want. BBC Learning English the app has more than 5 million downloads and an average rating of 4.4 the app is super catchy and fun to learn you’ll get a lesson for the day.

Download: BBC Learning English

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SoloLearn is a perfect partner for learning various computer languages for basic and intermediate levels and if you have no prior knowledge of any coding that is no problem you’ve got an option here when you click on this here are the options you want to do web development you want to learn python, javascript, HTML and CSS.

It’s a bit like a game you can see some featured projects maybe some challenges ton of stuff but you’ve got to build you do one level you go to the next that’s how this app is structured the app is completely free with 4.7 average ratings and more than 5 million downloads the best thing about the memo app is that at the end you get a personalized certificate.

Download: SoloLearn

Duolingo: Learn English

Want to learn English with fun mini-lessons that feel like games! Use the Duolingo app every day to quickly improve your spoken English. With Duolingo, you’ll improve your English and have fun.

Short lessons help you practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation of English. Start with basic phrases and sentences, and learn new words daily.

Download: Duolingo

edX: Online Courses by Harvard, MIT, IIT, IIMB

If formal education is something you are looking for then you are considering the right platform. edX offers over 3,000+ online courses and 300+ programs that are created by its top partners, 160 institutions in total like Harvard and Berkeley University.

edX is a credible platform for education and learning. It was actually founded by professors from Harvard and MIT and has more than 34+ million learners. Its courses are created and taught by some of the top-ranked universities and industry-leading companies in the world.

Download: edX


Finding the best educational app that meets all your requirements can be overwhelming. If you want to make the right decision, then it’s crucial to ponder over a few essential points, including, features, classes, lectures and the user experience thinking over these points can help you make the right decision without much confusion.

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