5 Best Apps to Download Music on iPhone and iPad

There is no doubt that the iPhone and iPad are some of the best devices for media consumption, but ios are far behind in terms of good music download apps for iPhone, but you don’t have to dig the app store for it we have researched the five best wifi less music apps that let you download songs on your phone to listen offline.

Good Music Download Apps for iPhone

We have tested all the apps to download music on iPhone and created a list, and all the apps are well polished with an excellent user experience that will make your music session more enjoyable all the apps are available to download from App Store.

1. Spotify

If we are talking about music and Spotify is not in it that’s not possible, Spotify has one of the biggest libraries of music and podcasts, you will find a custom playlist as per your music taste, one the best part is the personal recommendation. You can always search for your favorite songs, artist, or album as well as you can create and share your own playlist with your friends.

Good Music Download Apps for iPhone

Spotify is one of the most used music apps you can easily download songs and listen to them offline, it is our top recommendation the user interface is excellent and the app is cross-platform and you can easily switch between devices.


  • Free Tier
  • Excellent UI 
  • Huge Music Collection
  • Cross-platform availability
  • Download Music and Podcasts Offline


  • Not Available in all Countries

Get Spotify for iPhone and iPad

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2. YouTube Music

Youtube has now full-fledged music streaming app, it has more than 70 million official songs. The youtube music home screen is excellent and the personal recommendation engine is on par with Spotify’s. The app is easy to use and UI is extremely simple. You will find all your favorite music thanks to the Youtube catalog also you can play the music video in case you want.

YouTube Music for iphone


  • Excellent UI 
  • Home screen is excellent
  • YouTube’s recommendation
  • YouTube music videos
  • Download Music and Podcasts Offline


  • No desktop apps
  • Missing power user features

Get YouTube Music for iPhone and iPad

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3. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime is one of the most affordable subscription services, it includes faster delivery, a few Kindle books, Prime Video, and Amazon Prime Music. You can listen to and download music with your Prime membership also the user experience is excellent and the best part is it’s ad-free so you can enjoy your favorite music and podcast on the go.

good music download apps for iPhone


  • Millions of podcast episodes
  • Ad-free listening
  • Offline listening
  • Unlimited skips
  • Cool scrolling lyrics
  • Tight integration with Amazon Echo device family


  • Limited song library
  • Can’t create stations

Get Amazon Prime Music for iPhone and iPad

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4. TIDAL Music

There are many music streaming services available but most of these online music streaming service lacks one big aspect and that is audio quality. And that’s where Tidal comes in it will elevate your music streaming experience with ad-free music in high fidelity and master quality audio. TIDAL has 70+ million audio tracks, unlimited skips, and supports offline play.

wifi less music apps

Tidal is among the few music streaming services that let you stream high-quality “lossless” uncompressed tracks, along with Amazon HD. You can enjoy TIDAL on your favorite devices, including TVs, Amazon Alexa, and your preferred speakers.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • Exclusive Music-focused podcasts
  • Live streams


  • Lacks lyrics
  • No free version

Get TIDAL Music for iPhone and iPad

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5. SoundCloud

SoundCloud helps you find small artists, that you’d never hear otherwise. Soundcloud curates music from independent music artists, so the library is way bigger than and Spotify, however, it will take you some time to find the right music for you. Soundcloud features around 125 million soundtracks.

Best Apps to Download Music on iPhone

Start enjoying the biggest hits in pop, hip-hop, rap, electronic, rock, techno, classical, jazz, and podcasts today on SoundCloud for free. SoundCloud is ad-supported, but you can always remove the ads and adds offline listening by paying $9.99 per month.


  • Dedicated Apps for integration with other websites
  • Best platform for discovering new artists and music


  • No support for ID3 tags yet
  • It also has a lot of junk you have to sort through

The Best Free Music Streaming Apps for iPhone?

Our list has plenty of apps and you can choose the most suitable as per your needs. You can go with Soundcloud if you prefer local artists. We recommend Spotify for playlist and . Tell us which is your favorite music streaming app in the comments below?

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