How to Use Google Maps Speedometer

Google Maps is the app that i use most of the time because this is the most-capable navigation and mapping platform, thanks to Google to provide best info in maps. It’s also having best and simple user experience in comparison to Apple Mas or Here Maps, and Google adds new features on the regular basis. Well, it’s been a long time i have been looking for speedometer and finally the latest update of Google Maps here comes the speedometer in form of an on-screen virtual speedometer.

Finally, Google Maps has got a speedometer feature that allows you to keep a track on speeds at which you’re driving/traveling. So, let’s have a quick look at how this feature looks in action.

Enable Speedometer in Google Maps

Note: I tested this feature on Google Maps build #10.18.0 on the Redmi Note 4 (OOS) and Samsung A9 Plus, where we found it to be working perfectly fine.

1. Open Google Maps and navigate to the ‘Settings’ from the hamburger menu.


2. Now you need to go into the ‘Navigation Settings’ option, where you will find the newly added “Speedometer” option towards the bottom. Simply toggle to enable it.


Once you have enabled this feature in your device, choose to navigate between two points to notice that Google Maps has now started showing a speedometer at the bottom left corner of your display.


As I live in Delhi so I was travelling from Connaught place to my home via cab so, I tested the accuracy and it was 70% to 80% correct Google map fix this issue why updating Maps.

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This speedometer will definitely come in very handy when Google Maps, You’ll see the speedometer being painted in yellow and red when you exceed the speed limit, which is a pretty nifty if Google rollout the Speed Limits feature.

Keep You Speed in Check with Google Maps

Well, the speedometer feature is really helpful for us but Google should improve the accuracy so that we can be sure with this speedometer.

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The Speedometer feature is currently rolling out slowly to users worldwide in a phased manner and should appear for you in a few days – if it hasn’t already. if you are facing any problem to comment below and try to solve it for you.

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