Top 5 Good Tablets Under 100$

good tablets under 100$

Are you willing to buy good tablets under 100$ for you and if your budget is low or you are looking for The best tablet under 100$? If yes then this article is only for you because in today’s article I’m going to tell you about the top 5 good tablets Under 100$ for personal and business use.

It does not matter whether you are a student or a professional, nowadays a tablet has become the need of everyone because in tablet we get a big screen which is very beneficial. If you want to take classes online or do some business work, the tablet is very useful for us. Nowadays, many companies are making something new every day, something is the same as the companies that manufacture tablets.

Nowadays we get to see many tablets, some are expensive, some are cheap, some are good, some are bad. Today we have so many options that it is difficult to decide which tablet is good and which is not. Which tablet gives us all the features. So if you are also worried or are in a dilemma which tablet will be good for you. So you do not need to worry because today we have brought for you 10 such great tablets which come with amazing features and you get within 100$. So let’s start our today’s countdown without any delay.

Top 5 Good Tablets Under 100 $ For Personal And Business Use

Asus Zenpad 7- Best Tablets Under 100 $

Good Tablets Under 100 $

The first tablet in our list comes from Asus, whose name is Asus Zenpad 7. You all must have heard the name Asus. Asus is a very well-known company that manufactures mobile phones, laptops, computer parts, and tablets. In this tablet coming from Asus, you get a 7inch IPS display (resolution of 1024 × 600), along with it you get 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. With stock Android, you also get the support of ZenUI. With a camera of 0.3 and 2MP, you also get to see a good picture.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7- Best Tablets Under 100 $

Best Tablets Under 100 $

When we are talking about the tablet, how can we forget the about Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. At this price, you get to see a great tablet from Samsung or. In this, you get a 1.3 GHz Snapdragon 430 Processor with 1.5 GB RAM and 8 GB (expandable up to 256 GB) storage, which is a Quad-Core Processor. The 7 inch HD IPS Adaptive Display or tablet comes with a 5 MP Rear Camera and 2 MP Front Camera so that you can take great videos and photos. If you talk about Operating System, then you get to see Android 5.1.1 Lollipop which you can upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. In the case of Battery Life also, this tablet is not behind, in this you get to see strong battery life of 11 hours. So if you are thinking of getting a good tablet and your budget is $ 100, then you must think about this tablet.

Fire 7 Tablet- Good Tablets Under 100 $

Affordable Tablets Under 100 $

This third tablet from our list comes from Fire, its name is Fire 7 Tablet. In this, you get to see 7 Inch IPS LCD with 1024 x 600 Resolution which doubles your entertainment fun. On the other hand, if you talk about its performance, then you get to see a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor and 1 GB RAM in it. In this, you get to see two different storage variants, one 16GB and one 32GB. With a battery life of 7 hours, you get the Operating System of Fire OS in it. On the other hand, if you talk about the camera, then it remains a little behind compared to the rest of the tablet, in this, you will get Rear – 2 MP and |Front-VGA camera are available.

LG G Pad V410- Best Tablets Under 100 $

LG G Pad V410- Best Tablets Under 100 $

LG G Pad V410 coming from LG is also a great tablet, for under $ 100. Along with the old, LG is also a reliable company. If you are also a true lover of LG, then you should look at this tablet from the side. This LG tablet comes with 7 inch HD + IPS display. In which you get to see great colors. With 16 GB of internal storage, you get to see 4GB of RAM because it gives you great performance. Not only this, if you want, you can expand its storage up to 32 GB. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz processor involved in it helps you to experience great performance. So if your budget is $ 100 and you are looking for an LG tablet, then this tablet is very good for you.

Chuwi Hi 8- Good Tablets Under 100$

Good Tablets Under 100 $

The last tablet on our list comes from Chuwi, whose name is Chuwi Hi 8. You may have never heard of this tablet of Chuwi before but we would like to tell you that the tablet coming from Chuwi or your tablet Can prove to be a great tablet for the budget. Because in this you get to see 8 inches full HD display with 1920 × 1800 resolution. If you talk about its storage, then you get to see 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, which is a great thing. Its quad-core processor, which comes with 2.16 GHz, gives you an amazing experience. The most special thing I found about this tablet is that you get to see Android OS in it, which you can switch to a touch. That is, if you want, you can also use Window OS inside this tablet. If you are looking for a good tablet within $ 100 and you do not mind the brand, then you can think about this tablet.


Today we told you about “Good Tablets Under 100 $“. Let us tell you one more thing that all the tablets we have told about in today’s article are all good in their place, now it depends on you which proves to be good for you. We have randomly arranged all the tablets mentioned in today’s article. That is, I want to say that in our article there is absolutely no way that the first tablet is the best and the last tablet is the most useless. I hope that with the help of this article, you will be helped in deciding good tablets under 100$ for you. If you liked this article of ours, then you can also share it with your friends. To read more articles like this, bookmark our website. Thank you for reading this article.