4 Ways to See Who Blocked You on Threads

If you’ve recently observed that a specific person’s posts are no longer visible in your Threads feed, it could be due to their inactivity or the possibility that they have blocked you.

Threads does not send notifications or provide a centralized list of users who have blocked you. However, if you suspect being blocked on Threads, you can follow these steps to determine if it’s the case:

  1. Search for their account: Enter their username in the search bar on the Threads app. If their account doesn’t appear in the search results, it suggests that they may have blocked you or deleted their account.
  2. Check their profile: Visit their Threads profile directly by tapping on their username from a comment or direct message you previously exchanged. If you encounter a “User not found” message or see a profile with no posts, it indicates that you have been blocked.
  3. Visit their profile on the web: Open any web browser and type in www.threads.net/(username), replacing “(username)” with their actual username. If you can view their profile on the web but not on the app, it suggests that they have blocked you. If their profile is not accessible through the web either, they might have deleted their account.
  4. Interactions on other accounts: Look for likes, comments, or mentions from the person on other Threads accounts. If you notice their activity elsewhere but can’t see their profile or posts, it suggests that they have specifically blocked you.

If all the previous methods fail to determine if you have been blocked on Threads, you can ask a friend to check if they can still see the individual’s account. If your friend also cannot find the account, it may indicate that the person has deleted or temporarily deactivated their account, rather than blocking you.

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In the event that someone does block you on Threads, certain actions and restrictions will apply:

  1. Likes and comments: All your previous likes and comments on the person’s posts will be removed.
  2. Tagging and mentioning: You won’t be able to tag or mention the blocked individual in your own posts and comments.
  3. Direct messaging: Your previous direct messages will still exist in the person’s inbox, but they won’t be able to message you again.
  4. Any messages you send to them after being blocked won’t be delivered, even if they decide to unblock you later.

It’s important to respect the privacy and boundaries of the person who blocked you. If they have chosen to block you, it’s best to adhere to good social media etiquette and avoid attempting to contact them or bypass the block.

Distinguishing Between Restrict and Block on Threads!

While both the Restrict and Block options on Threads serve the purpose of limiting someone’s interaction with you, they operate differently.

Restrict – When you choose to restrict someone, they retain the ability to view your profile and posts. However, their comments on your posts will only be visible to them unless you approve them. Additionally, their messages will be directed to your Message Request inbox instead of your primary inbox.

Block – On the other hand, blocking someone on Threads entails a more comprehensive action. Once blocked, the individual will lose access to your profile and posts entirely. They will be unable to send you messages or leave comments on your posts. Blocking represents a more drastic measure compared to restricting.


In conclusion, determining if someone has blocked you on Threads can be a challenging task, as the app does not provide direct notifications or a centralized list for blocked users. However, by following the methods outlined in this guide, such as searching for their account, checking their profile, visiting their profile on the web, and observing their interactions on other accounts, you can gather clues to determine if you have been blocked.

It’s important to remember that being blocked on Threads comes with certain limitations, such as the removal of previous likes and comments, the inability to tag or mention the blocked individual, and the restriction of direct messaging. Respecting the privacy and boundaries of the person who blocked you is crucial, and it’s advisable to adhere to social media etiquette by refraining from attempting to contact them or bypass the block.

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