Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen Review – Elegant Water Tester By Mi

Mi TDS Pen

We live in a world where modern technology is growing day by day but there are a lot of down sides of that we have polluted our environment water, air and almost everything, but thanks to our technologies now we have water purifier air purifier and a lot more.

Thanks to Xiaomi they make some of the best quality products at the cheapest price, be it air purifier, water purifier, smartphones, laptops and a lot more.

Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen Review

As as the water is also polluted now we have Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen to check the quality of water and ensure whether it is drinkable or not so let’s take a deep dive into it Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen review.

Unboxing & Testing

Design & Appearance

I’ll be honest, Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen is one of the most beautiful TDS Pen i have ever seen. Usually The design of a TDS pen is really ugly. However, since it is made by Xiaomi looks elegant. It has a pure white color which twinkle in your eyes.

Features & Performance

The Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen measures the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) flock in water. Keep in mind this is not a complete water analysis but TDS is the most common guideline for water testing.

The dissolved solids include any metals, salts, minerals, cations or anions dissolved in water, so the lower amount of these solids, the pure water you have.

The TDS level is measured in “parts per million” (ppm) or “mg/L”. The ideal TDS reading for drinking water In India, If the TDS level is above 500mg/liter, the water is considered as disagreeable. But, due to the lack of water resources, there are many people drinking water that has greater TDS Levels.

Mi TDS Pen Review

The Xiaomi Mi TDS Tester is very easy to use. As TDS pen doesn’t come with batteries you have to buy separately you need two button cells that you can buy on Amazon, insert it your are ready to use.

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How To Use Xiaomi Mi TDS Tester

  • Take the pen cap off
  • Press TDS button
  • Place the head of the pen under water
  • Look on the display for TDS reading
  • After use press TDS button to switch off
Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen

Mi TDS Pen Water Test And Result

I have tested it with the tap water and purified water water bottles of different brands and the results seem to be accurate. You can see the result.

  • Aquafina 3
  • Kinley 20
  • Bisleri 79
  • Tap Water 83

Aquafina is the lowest that is 3 if you look this by science that means almost every mineral is filtered out from aquafina water that is not good at all because there are multiple minerals that our body needs on regular basis in the form of water if we drink that minerals and available and later our body will start consuming minerals from itself that can lead you some serious cause, Kinley in my test performed better than aquafina but still it is very less in the number that is 20, Bisleri who was the highest in the filtered water left with the number of 79 that is pretty good as on the water bottle label mentioned that this comes with added minerals and the final one is from my tap water that was 83 and I was surprised with it.

In my opinion I can easily drink the tap water because it have the minerals that requires a body but I would suggest before drinking tap water at your home or outside please do check out the TDS rating and the watercolor because sometimes water comes with dust that can harm your body.

Tap Water vs Purifier Water

This is very controversial topic whether you should drink tap water or you need a purifier at your home to purify the water for you to be safe. So let me share my opinion with you as long as you are getting your tap water TDS under 200 and the water is supplied by the government then definitely you don’t need RO purifier but in case you want to be in safer side you can opt for an UV water purifier that will kill bacterias from the water and makes it it safe for drinking.

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I highly recommend Mi TDS Pen as water is our daily need this & we should always drink pure water and you can and sure whether the water is drinkable or not using this TDS Pen.

It is a must buy product for travellers this is priced at Rs 499 you can find the best price in India using this link : Buy Here

Hope this Mi TDS Pen review helped you making the right decision please do share this article with your friends and family.

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