How to Find a Song by Humming?

We all pass through moments when we keep humming the tune of our favorite song but here’s the twist! The lyrics or the title of the song go out of our heads. Technologies are so advanced nowadays that you can find a song just by humming or ringing the tune. Either directly use Google and start humming or else can also use a third-party app for the purpose. Still need guidance on how to find a song by humming on Google or another platform, we will help you. Follow the article and start humming. 

How Do Google Humming and Search Features Work? 

After all, the humming feature Google uses is no magic as it has a separate algorithm to identify the song. Google has a Machine Learning feature that analyzes the hummed song by canceling other sounds or background noise, instruments, or other details. 

Google simply translates the registered humming into sequential numbers and represents the melody of the song. Following that, it compares the sequence to audio clip recordings and shows the best matching results. 

Finding a Humming Song Using Google 

Google has the amazing feature of song identification just by humming the tune. It is easy and time-saving in that way. So, Android users get used to the innovative feature just by following a few steps: 

Step 1. Tap on the Google search bar on your phone and then on the right side there’s a mic icon present. Again tap on the microphone. 

Step 2. Below you will find “Search for a  Song” in the window tab. Tap on it to start humming. 

Step 3. To avoid buzzing noises or glitches try to place your phone closer to your mouth to hum the melody of the song. 

Also, you can turn on the song n another device and bring the phone closer to the audio source. 

Step 4. When you hum the melody correctly, google will begin searching for the matching results. 

Step 3. Probably they will come with two or three songs, from there pick yours and start listening to the song. 

Use Google Assistant for Naming the Song 

Google Assistant makes the task even more quick and simpler for android users. Here’s how to do it- 

Step 1. On the home button mostly at the bottom of the phone screen, say “Hey Google!”

Step 2. In the next step ask What’s the Song? 

Step 3. Now you are one step nearer to finding the song troubling you for a longer time. Try to play the song or hum or whistle the melody or lyrics of the song. 

With Google Assistant, however, there’s an issue. It fails to identify music pieces without lyrics. So, if the song you are trying to find for so long has lyrics then only start humming. 

For iPhone or iPad Users 

The humming feature is also there for iPhone users but those having iPad can avail of the humming feature. Here’s how to listen to a song 

Step 1. Tap on the Google app on your iPhone. 

Step 2. Once you tap on the search bar, select the mic icon. 

Step 3.  On the coming window below you will find what’s this song? option. Tap on it and search for the melody. 

Step 4. You can hum or whistle or sing the melody of the song. Else, try to play the song from other devices. 

Using Other Means: 

Often there can be times when your google app starts malfunctioning. In such cases, we have other ways out. Anytime, you can install third-party apps or websites to search the music piece or songs. Try out the below-listed ones- 

1. Shazam 

Shazam is another amazing app that offers the humming and finding song feature. Shazam tries to identify the song you are brainstorming with by matching them if possible with their existing library. So, just 

Step 1. Download and install the application from the play store. Anyone can use it as it’s completely free. Both android and iPhone users can use the app. 

Step 2. Simply, open the app and click on the icon. Start humming and searching for the song. 

2. SoundHound 

SoundHound has both its website as well as application which you can download from the play store. Its function is similar to the Google song humming feature. But undoubtedly it performs a decent job by canceling the nearby buzzes. It has more than 60-65% of success rate in finding a song just by humming the melody. Don’t believe us, you can try it and explore the results. 

Step 1. Open Play Store and download the SoundHound from the play store. 

Step 2. Once the homepage opens, there the option called tapping and humming is there. Click on it. 

Step 3. Now you can tap and begin humming the song. 

Step 4. If you have hummed the song clearly, then wait for a few seconds to see the nearest results. 

Step 5. Now from the results, click and play the song.

3. Musixmatch Lyrics 

Here’s, another humming platform for android users. Musixmatch lyrics is a free platform to find a song. All you have to do is sign in using your Google, Facebook, and email. Your Spotify music playlist can be connected to the platform for your ease. All you have to do is- 

Step 1. Install Musixmatch Lyrics from Google Play store. Now, log in with your Google, email, or Facebook account. 

Step 2. Tap on identify and start humming the song. 

Step 3. The results will show up within seconds. 

Asking Alexa/ Sirito Play from your Past Playlist 

Has this ever bothered you, how we in no time forget about the song the last night we were literally giving with? With AI software like Alexa or Siri, you no longer have to remember what you were listening to the last night. Here’s how 

  • Turn on Alexa and ask, for example, “Alexa to play the Ed Shereen Song I was listening to yesterday”

From your playlist, Alexa can find out the song your we’re listening to recently just by the album or singers name. 


  • Make sure the playlist you were recommending is from Amazon Music only. 
  • The song must not be older than a week or likewise. 
  • As of now, the Alexa feature is limited to the users of the USA and UK. 

You can also use Siri for iPhone users. Just ask Hey Siri what song this is and once you hum the song, it listens and displays the results. 

Enjoy your Humming and Explore More Songs 

So, now you know finding a song is a lot easier with humming than annoying yourself until you find the result. From the above means, using Google Assistant to find a song is a lot easier than other means. It is so because most other applications try to locate a song from your humming based on their already existing library. In a way, those mediums are more limited than the vast Google resource. So, enjoy your humming, and don’t stop vibing with your favorite tunes! 

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