Where To Watch Old Cartoon Network Shows Today? Top 10 Online Platforms

Sometimes all you want to do is go back to your childhood days and grab some popcorn to watch your favorite cartoons and shows. While speaking about classic cartoons, how can we miss cartoon networks, the real hub of the ’90s joy? We have brought to you something amazing today,  that you can hardly afford to miss out on. To your rescue, start binge-watching all the episodes of your favorite cartoons on the top ten free sites below. So explore where to watch old cartoon network shows from now on. 

Top 10 Online Platforms to Watch Old Cartoon Network Shows Today  

DC Kids (dckids.com)

The all-colorful website for DC kids is an exceptional platform for watching old cartoons and enjoying some amazing comics. Alright if you are already aware of the WB Kids then consider DC kids a sister source to them. Even though some limited cartoon shows are available there, don’t worry they regularly update and add to that existing list. 

Other than nostalgic cartoons, they do host popular spin-offs of all the content published by DC comics. Wanna have more fun? Well, the site also has some space for some enjoyable games. Check it out! 

Check out cartoons like Battech, Karaoke, Super Hero Girls, Green Lantern, and interesting episodes of Teen Titans Go, from here. 

WB Kids (wbkidsgo.com)

Well, WB Kids is the acronym of Warner Bros. Kids and a part of the American Saturday morning kids television satellite network. WB Kids is another most known online website to watch any long-searched-for cartoons. They update their platform and do include popular clippings to set a happy mood for the viewers. You can also enjoy some of the colorful games such as loony tunes recess, Scooby-Doo birthday bash, and many other tom and Jerry games. 

Check out cartoons such as the Flintstones, Tom &Jerry, Scooby-Doo, and Looney Tunes from here. 

Boomerang (boomerang.com)

Why do your Lil ones stay deprived of all the fun shows you watched in your childhood days? If you want to learn about the platform, then Boomerang is a US television network held by Warner Bros. All the old cartoon shows they broadcast come within paid streaming plans. So, you can choose the subscription of $5 monthly or can go with the $40 for the entire year. Not only for television screens, but the Boomerang app is available on every operating system and device including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android, and iOS. 

Check Out some of the cool cartoons like The Jetsons, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny, Popeye Garfield, etc. You at least won’t feel bored with more than 4K episodes to completely dig into. 

DisneyNow (disneynow.com)

Life isn’t easy but guess what you have Disney Mickey Mouse to cover up your problems. In Disney now, you will find some of the free shows but mostly have to pay for the premium cartoons and Disney shows. Some original movies like Zombies 2 & 3, the Cheetah Girls, and Frenemies are all set to lighten your mood. If you are a game lover then don’t miss out on playing awesome games like bubble burst, mazes, pinball punch, captain marvel, and wordplay. Not only on the browser but the disneynow app is also there in the Google play store for Android and Apple play stores. 

Check out DuckTales, Mickey Mouse, Marvel Superhero, Adventures ultimate princess celebration, and broken Karaoke from here. 

KimCartoon (kimcartoon.li)

If you are hunting for some free websites where you can relive your nostalgic cartoon network moments then KimCartoon is another best alternative. The platform offers all sorts of classics as well as the latest cartoon movies or series. Other than the displayed shows on the home page, you can find your favorites from the advanced search tools through their title, genre, or release status. Even though Kim cartoon does not require one to sign in to watch cartoon series or movies, for downloading them, you must log in. 

Check out hit cartoon shows like Simpsons, the Great North, Family Guy, Bob Burgers, Wendell and Wild, Big Mouth, Central Park, and Teen Titans Go from here. 

YouTube / YouTube Kids 

The best in-build application on your android or iPhone where you can dig out premium quality cartoon network anime and shows is definitely YouTube. All you have to do is open the application and the search bar submits the cartoon titles. Soon you will find all the matched results displayed on your screen.

There’s another way. You can directly enter the official cartoon network channels on YouTube for viewing your favorite cartoon. Likely, the old cartoon channels will update free clippings or episodes from time to time there. 

Check out the popular Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Pink Panther, Dexter, Scooby-Doo, or Powerpuff Girls episodes there. 

ToonJet (toonjet.com)

Apparently, some popular old cartoons are slowly fading from the memory of the next generation. ToonJet is a really awesome website where everyone can undeniably search for classic old cartoons without paying anything. What’s new? Toonjet is completely user-friendly. Here even without prior registration, you can watch every show. But if you sign up for free membership, then you can be part of their community. 

Other perks of becoming a part of the toonjet community are as follows- getting the free newsletter, customizing your toonjet profile, receiving and sending messages, comments posting, and sending shouts. 

Check out some jolly cartoon shows such as Popeye the sailor man, Superman, Felix, Betty boop, and Tom & Jerry. 

The Internet Archive 

If we have the power to say then the internet archive is a real blessing to this cursed world. The site not only gives open access to digital copies of texts and magazines but they share much more than that. The free archive platform has a collection of a vast number of cartoons and classic anime. Within their video category, you will find several cartoons and animations with sub-collections of over 5,370 results. Every cartoon video available on the internet archive is freely accessible and can be directly downloaded. Here’s a reality check! The video qualities of the downloaded videos are not that great 

Check out some of the old-school cartoons such as pink panther, woody woodpecker, Noah’s Ark, and Popeye collection from the Internet Archive. 

Supercartoons (supercartoons.net)

Enough of the present-day cartoons, when you can dig into the classic pieces from supercartoons. Doesn’t matter if you watched all these old-school cartoon network shows in your childhood or not as long as you will find them within 1000+ episodes. To finally start watching, go to the navigation tools and browse your favorite cartoons. There’s a studio page where the browsing option for different studios is available. But there’s a problem! You won’t find the advanced search bar here, so it will take some time in picking your desired cartoon from the long list. 

Check out the ’90s cartoons like tom and Jerry, bugs bunny, tweety- no barking, Pluto, Daffy Duck, and pink panther from super cartoons.


Let’s all accept that Amazon prime and Netflix do have amazing USA collections of cartoons but they have narrowed down lately. The cartoon network shows which are a masterpiece and slowly evading the mainstream platforms are there on Hulu. The traditional streaming platform has remained underrated but not that bad for watching old cartoon shows. Here’s a fact check. Hulu is only available in the USA and nearby regions. The basic plan for Hulu is $7 monthly which won’t include live TV services. 

Check out famous cartoons like Tiny Toons, the Powerpuff Girls, Curious George, Hey Arnold, and Rugrats here. 

End: Still Not Binge Watching? 

Now you know the best platforms to watch classic cartoon shows, what’s stopping you from reliving your childhood days? The best part is not all streaming platforms mentioned above are paid versions. So, you can also enjoy them at cheap or even for free if you are ready to compromise the video quality a bit. So, watch, rewatch and download the cartoon network shows to make your weekend memorable. 

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