Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier Review

Mi smart water purifier review

Xiaomi makes smartphones but they are not only Smartphone manufacturers they make IoT devices to make life easier with their tagline innovation for everyone Xiaomi has launched Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV) in Indian market and and they have especially designed this for Indian environment.

Ever since this I was in the market I was eagerly waiting to get my hands on on this so I can write a review, So finally the wait is over I got it installed in my home and today I am going to review Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV) in all the aspects with pros and cons.

Mi Smart Water Purifier Review

Water purifier market has not seen any new innovation in past few years because they are competitive with each other in just marketing segment they are promoting their purifiers to get more sales but they aren’t working on the quality and the features to make user life easier to fulfill all this Xiaomi has entered in the market of water purifiers and now now they are going to do a big bang and make a history in it.

Mi Smart Water Purifier is priced at Rs 11,999 and it is India’s first smart water purifier that currently no one is offering in water purifier industry in India. As the name suggest this is a truly smart purifier where you get big connectivity via Wi-Fi and get all the important information in your smartphone in real time apart from that you will get notifications when to replace your filters.

To access all this features you will need to install Mi Home App with the help you can monitor live TDS and you can keep your eye on filtration process that to live also if you want to ensure your whether your live TDS is correct or not you can you Xiaomi Mi TDS metre review is done with the help of Mi TDS pen you can be sure that live TDS value is correct.

Mi Smart Water Purifier Features

  • Monitor and control the water purifier in real-time through the Mi Home app
  • The In-Tank UV purification removes the slightest possibility of microbial contamination
  • Storage tank of 7 liters with an automatic water level detector
  • 5-stage purification with RO and in-tank UV
  • Change the filters by yourself in under 30 seconds without the help of a technician
  • Real-time display of TDS level of both the incoming and the purified water

Mi Smart Water Purifier Design and Build Quality


Xiaomi never compromise on the looks this time also have gone with white colour with minimalistic design that can be installed in any kind of wall and it will be in the room environment and give a neat and clean yet elegant look to your room, that too without creating any kind of mess, in the first glance you won’t be able to tell that this is a water purifier because they have kicked off the “traditional look”.

Build Quality

Xiaomi has not compromised anywhere with this smart purifier and build quality they have gone with high quality plastic that feels solid as well as this weighs around 5 kilograms the plastic quality is awesome and the overall texture it’s fabulous one thing to be noted that the cover of filters needs to be because you have to take out and place it at the right place without pushing hard.

Mi Smart Water Purifier Specifications

Model NameMi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV) – MRB13
Storage Capacity7 L
Purifying Technology5-Stage RO+UV Purification
Filtration Capacity7-8 L/Hr
Filter CartridgesPPC Filter (Polypropylene Cotton + Activated Carbon), Post Activated Carbon Filter, RO Membrane, In-Tank UV
Power Consumption42 Watt
Applicable Water Temperature5°C to 38°C
Wi-Fi ConnectionYes
TDS ReductionUp to 90%*
Input Water Condition
Water Pressure0.03–0.4MPa
pH range6.5-8.5
Iron Content<0.3mg/L
Width30 cm
Height52.3 cm
Depth20.7 cm
Weight6.7 Kg
Warranty1 Year

DIY filter replacement In Mi Smart Water Purifier

One of the best feature that MI Smart water purifier brings on the table is self filter replacement finally you don’t need any technician to replace your filters and pay them the service fee it is very easy to change filter in water purifier you can follow these steps shown in the video below and you will be amazed to see how easy it is and how well xiaomi has design this specifically India Xiaomi has done a good job in department.

This smart water purifier from Mi gives you the ability to change the water filters yourself. The filter replacement takes just 30 seconds and does not require any tools like screwdriver, pliers or anything else.

Mi Smart Water Purifier gives you complete freedom on the vicious circle of costly annual maintenance contracts. The “Mi Home app” automatically sends notification to you when any filter needs to be replaced and you can easily order a new filter through the app it self.

But all the smart features in Mi Water Purifier, like real-time TDS monitoring, real-time filter life and other information and alerts that are available through the Mi Home app and that will not work if you don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity at your home.

App control, DIY filter replacement, great design and awesome build quality all this sounds extremely good but what about the water purification. Because at the end of the day no matter how smart a water purifier is, it is only as good as the purpose for which it is primarily made for i.e. the purification of water.

5-Stage Purification On Mi Smart Water Purifier

Xiaomi Mi Smart water purifier comes with 5-stage purification process that includes both RO and UV. The thing I like the most is that, the water purifier does not come with any unnecessary purification stages. Recently we have seen a trend where some water purifier brands are using in marketing as a gimmick by adding unnecessary filters in order to increase the number of purification stages and fool the customers.

Mi Smart Water Purifier comes with 3 filters

PAC Filter

PPC (Polypropylene Cotton + Activated Carbon) filter traps all the large visible impurities and adsorbs residual chlorine, color, odor, and organic impurities. This is the first and second stage towards purifying the water.

RO Membrane Filter

This is the third stage where, an ultra-fine RO membrane, with a pore size as small as 0.0001 micron, filters out all the dissolved solids, heavy metals, and disease-causing micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses and clean the water further.


This is the fourth stage where, the PAC (Post Activated Carbon Filter) filter absorbs the remaining odor and organic impurities. It also improves the taste of the purified water that we are habitual without that taste you will feel that water is not purified.

UV Purification

This is finel so called the fifth stage and the last stage, the in-tank UV light kills bacteria with up to 99.99% efficiency. And the water in the 7-litres storage tank is automatically disinfected after every 4 hours for a full 25 minutes. This eliminates any possibility of microbial growth in the stored water.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart water Purifier don’t have any way to retain or add-back the essential minerals lost during RO purification. Therefore, like any other RO water purifier, Mi Smart Water Purifier may not be suitable for your home if the TDS level of incoming tap water is already low and it is drinkable.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier PROS

  • In-tank UV sterilization
  • You can change filters yourself
  • Real-time TDS level monitoring
  • Can be monitored and controlled with Mi Home app
  • Clean, minimalistic design
  • The app shows you the filter life and notifies you when a filter needs to be replaced
  • Attractive price

Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier CONS

  • Offers no way to retain or add-back essential minerals lost during RO purification
  • Not suitable for low TDS water (below 500 mg/L)
  • Needs Wi-Fi connectivity for control and monitoring through app

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the recovery ratio in Mi Water Purifier?

The ratio of pure water and wastewater in my testing is about 1:2 that means for every 1 litre of drinking water there will be 2 litres of waste water. By the way this is way better than the average RO water purifiers which waste around 3 litres of water for every 1 litre of purified water.

2. When should the filters be replaced?

The filter life is totally depends on input water quality and your drinking water consumption.

Below I have listed the average life of all the filters as provided by Mi.

PPC filter : Up to 1 year ‘or’ 10, 000 litres of tap water
RO filter : Up to 1 year ‘or’ 3,600 litres of pure water
PAC filter : Up to 1 year ‘or’ 3,600 litres of pure water

3. What is the cost of filters of Mi Water Purifier?

  1. PPC Filter (Polypropylene Cotton + Activated Carbon) – Rs. 1,299
  2. PAC Filter (Post Activated Carbon Filter) – Rs. 899
  3. RO Filter/Membrane – Rs. 1,799

The filters can be bought directly from the Mi Home app. You can also buy the filters from the official website Mi.com, and authorized Mi stores.

4. Is there any pre-filter provided with Mi Smart Water Purifier?

Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier does not come with any pre-filter. However, I recommend installing a Pre-filter, especially in the case of groundwater. Pre-filter increase the life of internal filters.

You can buy the pre-filter at extra cost during installation or after installation by calling Xiaomi customer support. The cost of pre-filter, housing and valve are listed below:

  • Mi Pre Filter Housing – Rs. ₹599
  • Mi Spun Filter – Rs. ₹149
  • Mi Three Way Valve – Rs. ₹299

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