Xiaomi Air Dots Pro Review (Best AirPod clones)

AirDots Pro Review – Couple of months back Xiaomi launched its truly wireless earphones called Xiaomi AirDots which seemed kind of half-baked and had some connectivity issues but now Xiaomi has launched the AirDots Pro in China and they definitely seem like great value for money well let’s take a look.

Xiaomi Air Dots Pro review

The Xiaomi AirDots Pro after using them as my daily drivers for over two weeks I really want Xiaomi to bring these to India because they’re just that good.

So these here are the AirDots Pro and yes they come in this cute looking case with a pretty light LED light, It’s a really minimal looking case and the earphones themselves are decently good-looking I mean I’m not a fan of these bits that extend out the ear but it’s not a problem other than that the air dot pro looked good they have soft silicone tips and three replacement tapes of different sizes for a comfortable fit.

They built out of high quality plastic and even though it’s a boxy design than most other truly wireless earbuds these earphones pull it off pretty well like, I said the AirDots pro are really comfortable and I’ve spent long hours working with these earphones on and they don’t feel uncomfortable at all thanks to the lightweight and probably also because there are no buyers to get anyway the one place where the AirDots drop the ball isn’t maintaining it don’t get me wrong these are fairly good at staying in your ears but they do tend to fall off with fast movement.

I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of gm, anyway what I was most concerned about and you must be too is the sound quality on these earphones and honestly the air dot though have a pretty good sound quality especially considering their price and the features they offer look the air dot pro a priced at 399 yuan which is around 4000 rupees and that’s incredibly low, listening to music on the Air Dots Pro is a pretty good experience the sound quality is pretty good and there is ample bass even though it’s not the kind of thumping bass you would get for more expensive earphones

It’s a rather well dialing sound output and I have listened to a bunch of songs with these earphones including soft rock EDM hard rock and everything else I even use these earphones to listen to my favorite podcasts and they’re pretty good I like the sound quality on these earphones but it’s not perfect the air dots produce clarity really quickly once the volume goes over 80% and that can be pretty annoying plus at 100% there is audible clipping in the highs and obviously the bass could have been more still I would definitely buy these earphones because they offer so much at this price that you just won’t get anywhere else yes I’m talking about the awesome features let me tell you what I’m talking about.

Xiaomi Air Dots Pro Features

Touch Controls – So First of all the air dots Pro come with touch controls which are pretty intuitive and easy to use you can double tap on the right ear but to play pause music and answer calls so you can control your music without having to take your phone out of your pocket and I really love this you can also double tap on the left ear phone to talk to the assistant on your phone and it works perfectly well with the Google Assistant even with the screen off so you can bring up the assistant and ask it to increase the volume called a contact or even send a message it’s pretty handy and if you’re an iPhone user don’t worry they work with Siri as well which is just awesome even if siri itself isn’t that handy.

Noise Cancellation – The Air Dots Pro also comes with active noise cancellation which is not something you’ll find in truly wireless earphones at this price and that’s something I am really impressed by Xiaomi makes a habit of offering feature pack gadgets and the air dots pro are no different you can activate or deactivate ENC by simply pressing and holding on either of the earphones and that’s it now to be fair the active noise cancellation on the earphones isn’t very great but it does make a difference and it’s a nice addition to have.

Ear Detection – The Air Dots Pro also come with ear detection so if you listening to music and you need to talk to someone you can just pull an earphone out and the music stops on its own that’s a very handy feature and I love using it the only issue here is that the earphones don’t start playing music on their own when you put them back into your ears that can be a little annoying but it’s not a deal breaker for me at least now I know what a lot of you are thinking these are obviously AirPods clone and you’re right these are AirPods clone but they are really good AirPods, true you’ll get better audio quality on the air pods and the curvy design of the airport is slightly better than the air dots Pro but the air dots Pro do a lot of things better.

First of all they come with active noise cancellation which is just not available on the airport’s second they come in at around 4000 rupees as compared to be insanely high rupees 12,000 price tag on the AirPods third they come with USB C that was the first thing I saw in the air dot Pro.

when they arrived and it’s awesome that Xiaomi is using usb C on the case however the battery life of the a dot pro is quite a lot lower the earphones last for three hours and with the charge in case you get a total of 10 hours of battery life now that’s fine to be honest because I never really felt like I had to specially charge the earphones I just plugged in the case every now and then and the case keeps the earphones charged so that’s good but the AirPod offer five hours of battery themselves and with the case you get a whopping 24 hours of uses that’s really impressive and one of the few things I love about the air pods when compared to the air dots Pro having said that.

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I really think that the air dots Pro are of great wireless earbuds for the price these are a really good pair of truly wireless earbuds from Xiaomi which bring almost every good thing to the table the build is great they’re price well they have all the great features they work perfectly with both Android phones and iPhones.

They price ridiculously well at just 399 yuan or around 4000 rupees true the sound quality could have been better and the battery life isn’t as good as what the AirPods offer but at this price the air dots Pro make a really good case for themselves and I really wish Xiaomi brings these to India.

These are my thoughts on the Xiaomi air dots Pro and I’m really impressed by the earphones but what do you think let us know in the comments down below.

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