What is Windows Lite | Firstly, “Windows Lite” was spotted in side a Windows 10 SDK, and then journalist Brad Sams claimed has discussed this with a Microsoft employees. Now this seems that in addition to structural changes, Windows Lite will be also getting an aesthetic change that includes live tiles dropindr.You must have heard of Windows RT, you may also know about Windows 10 S. But do you really know anything about Windows Lite? As we have heard about it that it could be the most lightweight Windows OS yet, It is designed to offer incredible competition to Google’s Chrome OS also to Chromebooks as well. It could even launch without the Windows branding as well.

What is Windows Lite?

Windows Lite is set to alleged a very lightweight os of Windows that will definitely be faster with the previous Windows os. Shimla to Windows 10 S, as per the reports it will only run UWP applications which is downloaded from the Microsoft store and Progressive Web applications, which operates like an offline application, but run through an internet services.

According to journalist who spoke to Windows Central, that Windows Lite will featuring a static application launcher in place of Windows 10 Start menu, similar to Android, Chrome OS and iOS. This means that Windows Lite may be drop the support for Live Tiles, which is a current Windows 10 feature that lets apps stream information in the place of its icon, like for an example weather information or how much unread email you have in your inbox.

Microsoft apparently is having two reasons for removing this feature: firstly, nobody was using it. Very few users open that start menu to check at the live tiles and this means that even major apps are not focused on taking the advantage of this feature. Second on, the overall design language of Windows Lite will be simpler to reduce the system requirements, and redesigning the Start menu which is part of that.

what is windows lite os release date

As you can seen in image above, Windows Lite is will be more colorful and bring you back some of the soft curves and comfortable feel of Windows 7. It’ll also bringing back the smooth performance on budget systems. similar to Google’s Chrome OS, it is expected that Windows Lite will be designed for the systems which is having only 32GB of storage and 2GB of RAM.

To accomplish this feat Windows Lite may be exclusively using Progressive Web Applications, which are the apps that are built on a web browser, and Universal Windows Platform apps, which is meant only to work on any Microsoft operating system from Windows 10 Mobile to Xbox. This will limit Windows Lite to just the Microsoft Store, but it will be saving on storage and provide a decent Windows experience on ARM chips.

Microsoft’s developments with its Always Connected laptops which is the future of laptops, Windows Lite my be having an instant on, always connected, and will work with any sort of CPU to provide a wide array of options for connectivity which will help to manufacturers and consumers as well.

Release Date Of Windows Lite ?

Microsoft have not made any kind of official announcement for it, However, if, as he said, hints for the new OS are appearing in Windows Insider builds, the main OS may be quite far along in development. Microsoft certainly has Windows 10 S and its long-rumored Core OS platform to draw from in its creation.

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For now, we have only very little information to go on about if or when Windows Lite will be available, but it would not surprise us if Microsoft made some any kind of special announcement at the event of Microsoft Build 2019. No date has been released for the event, but for the past few years it has been held between April and May, so we may have less than six months to wait for more about Lite os and when it might be released.

according to rumors the Windows Lite OS will not be purchasable individually and it will come only pre-installed on specific laptops targeting students and low end consumers. It could likely not to be available for enterprises.


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