How to Whitelist in EarthLink Webmail (updated for 2024)

There are times when you mistakenly flagged an email as spam or the email could be flagged as spam by spamBlocker and the mail is sent to the Known Spam folder. While the process works too well for almost any kind of spam, it’s possible from time to time a legitimate email gets flagged as spam. If you want to prevent the desired email from being sent to the spam folder, now you can select the This is Not Spam button when viewing the email or you can add that email sender to your email address book.

Mark email message as NOT spam in EarthLink WebMail

SpamBlocker in the EarthLink webmail works on a very reputed-based system. Whenever you use the “This is Not Spam” and the Spam buttons in WebMail is to report the spam, That raises and lowers the “sender’s reputation” in the spamBlocker. If you received a legitimate email from a known spam source, you will need to go through this process many times to build enough of a reputation to override the other users, by marking the email as coming from a known spam source.

Step 1: Go to EarthLink webmail and login with your webmail credentials

Step 2: Now click on the “Known Spam” that is on the left hand side on the page under spamBlocker

Step 3: Now click on the box, it will put a check mark ✔️ next to the email you want to mark as not spam

Step 4: Now click on the “This is Not Spam” button to move the message to your Inbox

This is Not Spam

Add sender to your address book

If you haven’t modified your default spamBlocker settings in EarthLink webmail, adding the email address to your EarthLink webmail address book will help in preventing the emails from that sender from being marked as spam. Here is how to add sender to your address book:

  1. Go to the EarthLink webmail link and login with your email credentials
  2. Now click on your Address Book
  3. It’s time to select New Contact
  4. Now enter details for the contact by including the sender’s email
  5. Click on the Save button

By following all the steps given above you will be able to whitelist in EarthLink webmail if you are facing any issue you can DM me on Twitter @Devenderkg

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