What is Linux?

This Poat is All About What is Linux First of all, Linux is a free and open-source operating systems software. Linus Torvalds build the operating system first time & released on September 17 in 1991. He also Shares the main kernel of this OS. And welcome developers to develop this OS all over the world. As a result, from 1991 till now developers are trying to develop this OS more & more.

Almost all developers, hackers, programmers & other peoples use this OS.

Developers are using its kernel & develop for many types of work. There is much distribution of this OS are available for peoples. And most of all are free to use. So, that’s mean you don’t need to piracy or crack your operating system & most other software. You can use freely your operating system. That’s why Linux was born. To attach peoples in a space where everyone helps each other. There are many developers are all over the world, who makes free software & tools for users.

You can use this OS on a minimum hardware pc, that’s the main thing of this OS. And also you never feel any time that your operating system is not working properly on the lowest hardware.

How to Use windows software in linux

There are more then 100 distributions are available for Linux users. Top of them are:

1. Red Hat
2. Fedora
3. Kali
5. Ubuntu
6. BackTrack
7. Xubuntu
8. Ubuntu Studio
9. elementary OS

Most Useing of this OS:

Linux is now becoming a base. Not only distributions of this OS but also many other operating systems are built on this OS. As Like Chrome OS, Android OS, Firefox OS, Mer & Tizen. Distributions of this OS have become popular in the netbook market. Nowadays, many devices have come to market customized with Linux distributions installed.

Linux distributions are used as server operating systems from a long time ago. Netcraft reported in September 2006, that,

“Eight of the ten most reliable internet hosting companies ran this OS on their web servers.”

In the past years, not many games were available for this OS, but in the recent years, more games have been released with support for this OS. Finally, many games support Linux.

Many peoples have thought this OS is an illegal OS. That’s not right. Most hackers are using Kali for hacking. But, Kali Is not illegal. It was invented for information security training and penetration testing services. It is the first choice for security specialist and hackers. Kali is the most useful hacking OS.

Many people think in this OS they can’t work professional works. But if you know about Ubuntu Studio then you know that Ubuntu Studio is used for the general multimedia productions. There are many Audio, Video, And Graphics Related Tools are available on it. And also you can use any official working tools on it. Linux all distribution support their all tools.

How to run windows software on Linux Operating System

Government Also Use this OS,

Also, various local and national governments use this OS. Brazil, Russian military, India, China, Spain, France, Germany, North Korea & many other country’s Government use Their Own Linux distribution.

All of the Linux distributions are too good. For the education purpose, everyone should try Linux.


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