What Is a Nahimic Companion? and How to Remove it Permanently from Your Device?

What Is a Nahimic Companion

The vast majority of the Windows 10 clients have as of late found that a sound driver namely Nahimic has been auto introduced on their device after an update. This driver has been planned in a manner with the goal that they will expand your sound involvement and experience towards your gadget. Despite the fact that numerous driver clients assert that the Nahimic driver crash consequently on their gadget and furthermore the driver stops working any time.

Furthermore, according to their cases additionally, it turns out to be extremely challenging to uninstall this driver from their device; and moreover, this driver was a surprise to various users which came after a Windows 10 update. Also, there are many users who detailed that Nahimic will reinstall on their device itself each time at whatever point they uninstall it, which causes a profound astonishment and shock towards the Nahimic driver. Thus, we investigate and get to know what Nahimic Companion is and a working way to erase this driver permanently from your device.

What is a Nahimic Companion?

As currently talked about above, Nahimic is basically a set-up of a sound driver that straightforwardly centers around redesigning your sound quality experience. This driver device additionally confronts you up to 7.1 including sound on your customary sound framework even the framework will be wired, over Bluetooth, through USB, or by the HDMI affiliations. Fundamentally, Nahimic Companion is an application that is accessible with a pre-loaded Nahimic sound driver in it, and furthermore, it is presented as an element after the update of Windows 10 on their gadget. All things considered; the resistance just releases the sound drivers for a little uncommon kind of individuals who are continuously working with them. And furthermore, the Nahimic Companion application isn’t accessible to all Windows 10 clients. Furthermore, there’s a decent possibility that this application will be accessible on your device in the event that you own the motherboard or PCs from MSI, Aorus, ASRock, Dell, Machenike, and ThunderRobot.

Essentially, Nahimic Companion is made for the users to expand the quality and nature of sounds for their gaming PC. Furthermore, they even have an up-to-date innovation which is known as the Sound Tracker and it is utilized to check where the best sounds start in the game. While playing games this Sound Tracker tool comes on the top point of the screen and these awesome Nahimic sound driver highlights are open with any of the sound structures or with any organizations like HDMI, sound jack, Bluetooth, and many more. In the wake of discussing the feature of Nahimic Companion it has two fundamental algorithms; one of them is the Stabilizer and the second is the Static Noise Suppression which is an extremely cool feature. Over the long haul, this application has a huge load of pre-eminent components even if it is crashing or stops the working of film or games.

How to Uninstall Nahimic Companion Permanently from Your PC?

The best and most straightforward way of removing the Nahimic Companion for all time from your PC is to incapacitate this application from running. To disable this application from your device you need to go to the search bar and search “Run Companion at Startup” and press on it. Presently, to disable this from running the next time you have to restart your PC then, at that point, using this the Nahimic Companion will impair your PC and stop working. However, in the event that you need to uninstall and remove this product forever from your PC then, at that point, follow the given steps.

1. First of all, press Win + R then ‘Run’ will open. In the search bar of ‘Run’ type “MSConfig” and simply click on enter.

2. Here, a new System Configuration menu will open and, in the menu option, you have to go to the Services tab.

3. Now once you reach the Services you need to tick on the option called “Hide all Microsoft service” and this is simply located on the left bottom side.

4. By doing this it becomes easier for you to find the Nahimic Companion services option from the remaining part of the list.

5. If you are having difficulty in finding the Nahimic services then you can press on the Services cell to sort the options in alphabetical order.

6. Now, once you find the Nahimic Services you have to untick that service and click on the apply then press on the OK button.

7. Now, open “This PC” on your PC then right-click on anywhere inside the folder then click on the “Properties” option.

8. Now, a new fresh system menu will open, then here you have to click on the “Device Manager” option which is located on the left-hand side.

9. In the Device Manager option select the expand sounds, video, and game controller’s option. Then here you can delete or disable the “Nahimic Mirroring Device”.

10. And if still, the audio of media and games are not playing then you have to update your PC’s main audio driver.

11. Also, ensure that you change the updates to the manual instead of the automatic to avoid the reinstallation of the Nahimic Companion on your device.

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