How to View Spotify History

spotify history

Spotify history feature is pretty awesome as it allows us to view the last 50 songs that we have listened to, just in case one of them got stuck in your head and you want to listen to it again. Getting back to your history is easy in Spotify all you need to follow the steps below.

View Spotify History On Computer

If you are using Spotify on the PC, you can find the History by clicking on the burger menu with the little play button in the bottom-right corner. You’ll first be taken to your regular Play Queue, where you can add and remove (or change the order) of future tracks to be played.

Just click on the History option in order to see the last 50 tracks played!

View Spotify History On Mobile

On mobile, sadly this isn’t that simple. While you can readily access your Play Queue to view future songs, the history feature isn’t available in the same capacity. You can still view your previous songs though – Click on any of the created playlists to see the songs that are already on it.

Then, tap the icon to add songs at the top. You’ll see some suggested tracks – and if you swipe left, you’ll also see your Recently Played songs there. You can then add them to a playlist – or simply note down their titles to find them again later using the search function.

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