How to use Dell Mobile Connect app with an iPhone or Android

File transfers between your Dell laptops and Phones were never that easier before, until the discovery of the Dell Mobile Connect app. This feature has been a part of the app for long and now, there’s a new addition to it – screen mirroring and it is one of the most requested features! The Dell Mobile Connect app lets you view and controls your phone entirely from your PC – so, let’s dive in and see how to use Dell’s Mobile Connect app with your phone. The app works the same with an iPhone or Android phone – in this post however, we have made use of an iPhone.

Using Dell Mobile Connect app to pair Phone with PC

Dell Mobile Connect supports integration between a wireless PC and a Smartphone so that you can make and receive calls, send texts and get notifications directly on your PC. MMS messages too, can be sent and received directly. So, in this post, we’ll see how to use the Dell Mobile Connect App for sending text messages and enabling Hands-free calling for an iPhone.

  1. Connect via Bluetooth link
  2. Enable notifications and incoming messages
  3. Hands-free Calling
  4. Configuring other options

After completing the ‘Add a New Phone‘ setup, the phone will be Bluetooth-paired with the PC. This is a one-time procedure, which readies the PC and the phone to enable potential future connectivity.

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You can securely drag and drop photos, videos, music, and documents between your PC and Smartphone without any cloud storage or physical cables. Note – File transfer on iOS is limited to photos and videos.

Download Dell Mobile Connect app for Windows PC from Microsoft Store. Similarly, download the app for iPhone from the App Store. The DMC iPhone app is designed with the sole purpose of enabling outgoing SMS messages from a Windows 10 PC.

How to use Dell Mobile Connect app with an iPhone or Android

To pair the iPhone with the PC, check iPhone box on your Add New Phone (ANP) wizard.

Then, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Bluetooth’ on your iPhone and verify that Bluetooth is turned on.

If your iPhone is nearby or in proximity with your PC, its Bluetooth name should be displayed on the PC app screen. Click ‘Select’ to continue.

How to use Dell Mobile Connect app with an iPhone or Android

Approve pairing on both the phone app and the PC app. Thereafter, follow the onscreen instructions.

For sending text messages from your PC, it is essential that your iPhone Dell Mobile Connect app runs in the foreground, and therefore, clearly visible on the iPhone screen.

How to use Dell Mobile Connect app with an iPhone or Android

For this, toggle the ‘Unlock’ switch which prevents the phone from getting locked

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2. Enable notifications and incoming messages

The DMC Windows app once downloaded and installed is configured to automatically run upon PC startup. If the phone is paired to the PC and within Bluetooth range, DMC will connect the two.

If there’s an incoming message delivered on your iPhone, you’ll get a popup notification on your PC screen. You can go and view it on your PC and use the PC keyboard to reply to the text message.

Alternatively, you can also view the message by clicking on the ‘Messages’ tab.

3. Hands-free Calling

How to use Dell Mobile Connect app with an iPhone or Android

For Hands-free calling, you can use the ‘Dialer’ or choose to make calls via ‘Contacts’ list.

Likewise, if there’s an incoming call you need to attend then, either switch to Hands-free mode or take one of the following actions – reject the call or reject with a text.

Lastly, Dell Mobile Connect mirrors your iPhone Home Screen onto the PC screen. This helps you interact with the phone using the keyboard, mouse, and touch.

4. Configuring other options

How to use Dell Mobile Connect app with an iPhone or Android

After configuring the above options, if you would like to quit DMC, simply go to the Information Center, right-click on the DMC icon, and select ‘Quit’ option. The action, when confirmed will allow you to close the application. It is important to mention here that ‘CLOSING’ the app window by clicking the ‘X’ button will not allow you to quit the DMC app. It will continue to run in the background. Users can quit the app via the Information center only.

You can also prevent DMC from auto-running upon PC startup. To make this change, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Startup’ in the Windows app and stop the app from running every time you launch Windows.

Some users report, their mouse does not work and fails to respond to the beaming window of their PC when they attempt to pair their iPhone with PC via the Dell Mobile Connect app. In such cases, it is recommended to un-pair all devices, wait for few minutes and then repair. The mouse/cursor functionality should be restored. The issue mainly arises on account of certain security packages on Smartphones.

Final words

Although Dell Mobile Connect app lacks some of the ‘Continuity’ and ‘Hands-off’ functionality available for macOS laptops, it’s a better choice compared with other Windows 10 alternatives. You can download it from the Microsoft Store.


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