5 Essential Tips and Tricks for Preview on the Mac

Tips and Tricks for Preview on the Mac

The Preview app on Mac is a hidden gem that many users are not aware of. But if you explore the menus and pay a bit more attention, you can make the most of the Preview. It can do the work on your behalf. Now that the pandemic situation is on, it is a great time to learn new things.

It is better to stay at home, maintain social distancing, and find new ways to keep ourselves engaged. If you are a tech junkie, you will love reading this blog. To know more, kindly scroll down.

Open documents, images, Photoshop, and more:

If you want to view any content, the Preview app will help you do the same. If you are not aware yet, you must know that you can open documents, PDFs, images, RAW, etc., with it. The breadth of the file formats can surprise you. All you need to do is right-click and open it in Preview. You will find an easily scrollable interface. You can even see Photoshop and illustrator files in Preview. In addition, Preview can work with various kinds of image files, such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, etc.

Convert files fast:

Apart from helping you with files from the formats listed above, the Preview app can help convert a file into different formats. For example, you can open an Illustrator file in Preview and export it as a PNG without the illustrator app. You might use Preview for file conversion to and from PDF. Just select Export from the file menu, choose your format and click on save. That’s all, and you are good to go.

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Edit PDF files on MacBook:

If you work, you cannot escape PDFs. Even if you have to send someone a resume, it would be better to send it in PDF format. However, editing PDFs can be a little tricky.

You might want to add some text to it or sign a form, etc. Then, you can edit it with the help of Preview. Preview allows you to read and edit PDF files on your Mac.

You can even add or highlight text, combine documents, and transfer pages from a PDF to another. To explore even more, https://setapp.com/ can enlighten you about how to edit and markup PDFs with Preview. Here, we have talked about how to type on a PDF, add text to it, highlight text, combine various PDFs, reduce PDF size, etc.

Password protect a PDF file with Preview:

Unlike Windows, you do not need to purchase costly software for password-protecting a PDF on your Mac.
You can do it with the built-in Preview application.

For this, open the PDF file with the help of Preview. After that, go to file> Export as PDF. A new window will open, and you need to click on show details. After that, checkmark encrypt option > assign password > save changes.

Batch resize photos with Preview:

You have to download third-party software to resize multiple pictures in bulk in other operating systems.
But this can easily be done in the Preview app. All you need to do is choose all the pictures you want to resize and open them with Preview.

After that, select all the pictures from the left side thumbnail drawer, go to tools> adjust size> enter the new height and width. After that, go to file> save all. If you want to save a copy of the newly resized images, choose the export option that appears under the file menu. So these are a few important tips and tricks for using the Preview application on the Mac.


This application is great for handling batch images and small image editing work. Preview is used for many other chores, such as adding a digital signature, removing background for pictures, combining pages, creating a new file from the clipboard, auto enhancing images, etc. This built-in app can help you with a lot of work and has a sharing mode as well. It also allows you to search through text in PDFs.

To know more about MacBook, read this article by Forbes! We are sure that you will love the new information. And in the meantime, start giving more time to your Mac. We are sure that you now have time after office or during weekends. The time is great to make the most of it, which will even boost your productivity.

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