Hyundai Spare Parts Online

Online buying has become prone to a lot of risks, especially when it comes to automobile spare parts. With the rise in counterfeit spare parts, thousands of people in the country are managing their needs with nothing but fake products.

If you are looking to buy Hyundai spare parts, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, like buying from, a genuine seller. But before you can do so, there are a few things you should know about.

What’s wrong with counterfeit spare parts?

Hyundai has been one of the automakers to face problems with counterfeit spare parts. Generally, there are a lot of problems that may arise with fake parts, both for the customer as well as the OEMs.


Here are some problems that you might be able to relate to:


From the consumers’ perspective, counterfeit Hyundai spare parts will have an issue with the quality. They don’t last as long as genuine parts, resulting in monetary losses for you.


Counterfeit spare parts don’t have any warranty as such. They are not covered by the OEMs, and hence, might put you into bigger trouble in the future.

OEM’s losses

With the rise of the counterfeit spare parts’ racket in India, OEMs are facing huge losses in terms of their sales and inventory stock.

Tax losses

The counterfeit spare parts’ racket is hurting the government as well. As fake products aren’t registered within the sales records of the OEM, the government isn’t receiving taxes on the same. According to a report from The Times Of India in 2019, the government losses around Rs. 40,000 crore worth taxes due to the counterfeit spare parts’ racket.

Hyundai Spare Parts Online

Things to know before buying Hyundai spare parts

1. Research well

Researching about the spare parts you need should be your first priority. If you are buying Hyundai spare parts online, do a little research about it on the internet to find out which of the eCommerce sites are selling the same. Always choose quality over price.

2. Look out for the product spare part on the OEM’s website

It is very important for you to know whether Hyundai itself sells spare parts online or not. You can find out more about it by visiting the official website. Even if the automakers do not have their own eCommerce, they might redirect you to a website that they recommend. This website is the best place for you to buy the spare parts from as it is genuine and is closely scrutinised by the automaker.

3. Know about the eCommerce websites selling auto parts

Hyundai spare parts are very common among the eCommerce websites, like Amazon and Flipkart. Despite these two being the best portals in India, all the sellers on the platforms aren’t trustworthy. So, you need to check the ratings on the seller as well.

4. Consider dedicated eCommerce sites

There are many eCommerce websites that are dedicated to selling automobile parts, just like Boodmo. These websites are the best places to buy your spare parts as they focus on just one field and specialise on the same.

Also, these dedicated spare parts sellers often act as the authorised re-sellers, which marks their authenticity.

5. Use authentication methods

There are various authentication methods for products purchased online and the same are available for automobile spare parts too. The best way to do so is by using the QR code on the packaging to ensure that the product has arrived from the OEM’s warehouse and is not a counterfeit.

Other authentication methods include checking the warranty, and the part number. Every product that leaves the OEM’s warehouse has a unique part number. This is a great way to authenticate the Hyundai spare parts purchased online. You can find out about the part number from the company’s website itself or by visiting any authorised physical re-sellers.

Summarising everything

Buying Hyundai spare parts online can be as tricky as buying any other automotive online. This problem becomes bigger with the continuous rise in the counterfeit spare parts racket. However, most of the automakers are taking great initiatives to curb this problem and ensure that the customers get quality products and do not face any hassle.

So, you, as the buyer will have to take care of certain aspects to ensure that the quality parameters are high at all times. One of the few things you can do is to buy from the online resellers that are authorised by the OEM itself. In the case of Hyundai spare parts, you should consider buying from Hyundai Mobis, the automaker’s partner for decades.

Another reliable platform to buy genuine Hyundai spare parts is Boodmo, an eCommerce seller dedicated to automobile parts. These pass the quality checks and maintain a ‘strictly no counterfeit’ policy.



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