How to use the snipping tool on a Chromebook

snipping tool chromebook

Many new ChromeOS users are looking for some kind of snipping tool, while you can find many screenshot tools on the chrome store but, I would say ChromeOS ships with an awesome snipping tool all you need to know how to use it efficiently, the default snipping tool on a Chromebook lets you take a full screenshot or if you are into partial screenshot that’s possible too.

is there a snipping tool on Chromebook?

Yes, Chromebook comes with a snipping tool that can be accessed by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Switch Window.

Use the snipping tool on a Chromebook

Using sniping on Chromebook for a partial screenshot is very easy all you need is to press Ctrl + Shift + Switch Window and now your mouse cursor will turn into a crosshair and you can just drag the area you want to take the screenshot.

Snipping Tool Chromebook

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How to take a full-page Screenshot on Chromebook

To take a full page screenshot you will need to know the keyboard shortcut press Ctrl + Switch Window and it will take a full page Screenshot.

How to take a full page Screenshot on Chromebook

Note: All the screenshot will go to download folder in png format.

Now you are free to use your screenshot that too without installing any 3rd party tools, if this article helped you in any way consider sharing on social media as ChromeOS is getting bigger and there are many people looking for How to use the snipping tool on a Chromebook and you will save there time.

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