How To See Mutual Friends On Snapchat

Snapchat is fun, I use it mostly for the privacy and control it offers over the account. Over the years Snapchat has gained popularity with a huge audience Snapchat has designed multiple features to compete with other social media apps. One of the most requested features was Snapchat’s mutual friends. Earlier it was very hard to find mutual friends on Snapchat now it’s easier than ever you will be able to share your filtered selfies with all the mutual friends. Here is how you can easily add a mutual friend on Snapchat:

How to See Mutual Friends on Snapchat

1. Open Snapchat > Go to profile (tap on your Bitmoji)

Snapchat Mutual Friends

2. Scroll down and look for the Friends section and tap on Add Friends

Snapchat Friends section

3. In the Quick Add Section you will find a list of potential friends listed by their names and usernames

4. Now look carefully you will notice some users have x+ Mutual Friends written under their usernames

add Mutual Friends in snapchat

5. Tap on Add Friend icon to add the desired friend to your Snapchat

How to Let Other Mutual Friends Find You

If you want yourself to be discovered by mutual friends follow the steps:

1. Open Snapchat > Go to profile (tap on your Bitmoji)

2. Tap on the Settings icon

3. Tap on See me in Quick Add

See Me in Quick Add Snapchat

4. In the Quick Add settings enable it

Once the setting is on all the mutual friends will be able to find you in the quick add section. This way you will increase your friend list in Snapchat.

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What does mutual friend mean on Snapchat?

A mutual friend on Snapchat means that you share the same friend with another person. For example, say you are friends with Harry and Sally, and Harry and Sally are also friends with each other.

Can you see the mutual friends on Snapchat?

On Snapchat to see mutual friends Go to profile > Friends section > tap on Add Friends here you will find a list containing mutual friends.

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