revolt rv400

Revolt IntelCorp has removed the curtain from its first electric two-wheeler based AI. The new Revolt RV400 is a smart motorcycle and has been equipped with AI enabling features with the range of connected technology. 

Recently, we have seen in new connected features that have been provided in this bike, even the Revolt RV400 has embedded 4G LTE SIM which will run the internet running in the bike. 

This feature can be used with the Revolt app, which can be played both in Apple Carpole and Android Auto.

Some important features of the Revolt RV400 include bike locations with map guide, battery charging on map and recent information of estimated ranges, geo-facing, battery charging, location of the nearest battery swap, Start / stop bikes via Bluetooth.

space to upload a document, share bike location, change battery, and arrange online payments and Also included should be updated by the over-the-air.

Revolt has installed a lithian-ion battery in the new electric motorcycle RV400, and the ARAI claims that once the full charge, the bike can be run up to 156km.

The battery size is small and it can be easily replaced with a full charge battery without charging the battery. To charge it can be taken in the hand at home or in the office. In this electric bike, three riding modes are given eco, city and sports plus.

To save battery, suitable riding mode can be selected from these. Revolt says that the RV400 will run like a 125cc bike, which will be built in the company’s Haryana facility, the maximum production capacity of this plant is 120,000 units annually.


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