Along with the release of iOS 13 on smartphones and iPad OS on Apple’s iPad, a new game service was introduced as Apple Arcade and subscription has become available in the App Store. We have already tested and we are ready to share the main features of the “Apple Arcade”. As well as a list of titles to try first.

6 Best Apple Arcade features worth trying

Best Apple Arcade features

1. 100+ Games for a fixed price.

The subscription to Apple Arcade is $4.99 per month. For this amount, the user gets access to more than 100 games available in the service. About 60 titles are currently available, but during the fall the section will continue to fill up, and the total number of games will exceed 100.

In addition, the first month of the service can be used for free. During this time, anyone will be able to test almost every game available in Arcade. Most importantly, do not disconnect the subscription during the trial period, otherwise you will lose access to the service, and for the renewal you will have to pay the full cost.


2. Careful selection

Apple strictly moderates all the games that are offered as part of Apple Arcade. They have no ads or built-in in-game purchases. Like in the good old days – you downloaded the game and you play, not thinking about the paid “pumping” of a character, or about annoying and distracting advertising banners.

3. Multiplatform and uniform progress

Apple Arcade is already available for iPhone and iPad running on iOS 13 and iPadOS respectively. During the fall, access to Arcade will open for owners of Mac computers, as well as on Apple TV set-top boxes. You can start playing on the smartphone, continue on the computer and then switch to the TV. Progress in games is stored in iCloud, that is, switching between devices will be as seamless as possible.

4. No internet connection required

In those games that do not provide online multiplayer, you can play without connecting to the network. This is especially true when flying or traveling abroad, that is, where there is no Internet at all or it is not practical to use it for games. However, some games at the first launch still require connecting to the network in order to log in to the Game Center account. Keep this in mind if you download games for future use for a long trip.

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5. Family access at no extra charge. 

In addition to individual access to Apple Arcade, up to 5 family members who are configured for family access are entitled to use the service. You do not need to pay extra for this since everything is already included in the base 199 rubles.

6. Gamepad support

iOS 13 is not just at the system level received controller support from the PlayStation and Xbox. A large number of games in Arcade support management with their help, and it is actually very convenient.

5 Best Apple Arcade Games

Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2 is the most beautiful game in Arcade at the moment
Fans of the RPG genre had high hopes for this game, calling it the mobile Zelda. She met some expectations of gamers, some not, but definitely worth a try. The thing is that the game has amazing graphics and an interesting plot. And Oceanhorn 2 clearly makes it clear that Apple Arcade contains far from the simplest games.

Sayonara Wild Hearts – Best Soundtrack Award

This game is a pretty typical runner in which you have to run on your own two, fly on a hoverboard, ride a skateboard and a motorcycle, and even ride a deer. However, here is a very interesting idea – the game itself is supposedly a musical pop album, and everything that you see on the screen happens inside a broken heart

Sonic Racing – everyone’s favorite hedgehog back in business

In Apple Arcade, you can meet not only new game characters, but also find some friends from childhood. A striking example is a race with Sonic. Well, what else can I add?

Hot Lava – the main thing is not to fall into lava

First-person action in which you do not have to pick up a weapon and kill someone. The main task is not to fall into the lava, making your way through various obstacles. Just like in childhood, when we jumped from the sofa to the nightstand, and then to the coffee table and from it to the chair, imagining that the whole floor was flooded with boiling lava

Shinsekai Into the Depths – deep-sea adventures

Maybe you once dreamed of becoming a scuba diver? Even if not, try playing this platformer anyway. In it, you will have to find yourself in a world that suddenly finds itself under the thickness of ice, where the ocean was the only refuge.


Apple Arcade is a great alternative for those users who are tired of endless advertising and in-app purchases and do not want to spend hours looking for interesting games in the App Store.



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