Google always trys something new they have come up with an extraordinary concept Google’s Paper Phone in today’s world internet is the basic need for everyone, social media was built to connect family and friends but know days it works differently because every is habitual of using the smartphone to solve this issue Google has built the Paper Phone.

What is Paper Phone

Google’s newly launched phone is a printable Paper Phone that will help you take rest from your digital life. Google has launched an application called as ‘Paper Phone’ under its initiative “Digital Wellbeing”.

Google’s paper phone helps you take a ‘digital detox’ by printing a personal booklet of important information of that day. The Paper Phone app allows you to choose whether, favorite contacts, maps, to-do list and more.

Experts say that printing a paper in a day produces 10 grams of carbon dioxide in a year. While your phone uses 1.25 tons of carbon dioxide a year per hour of use per day.

The World Health Organization (WHO) released new screen time guidelines for parents earlier this year based on research that found “behavioral and developmental issues in children who spent hours in front of a screen”. Other research has found connections between smartphone usage and anxiety.

How To Get Google’s Paper Phone

If you looking get a Paper Phone for your self all you need to do just download the Paper Phone Apk file and install in your phone followe the video or on screen tutorial and within fraction of seconds your people phone will be ready.


This isn’t Google’s first attempt at Digital Detox. Android OS on smartphones comes with a Digital Well-being feature that is aimed at helping people reducing the time spent on devices. Paper Phone though it has to be said is just an experiment which Google thinks should end up ‘helping’ people.


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