7 New Web Browsers for Android In 2019

The web browsers are essential part of our life especially, When we are living in a world where smartphones are becoming more powerful than midrange laptops and desktops. If you check my Android phone screen on time then definitely you will find it that I spend my most of the time in browser and in most of the cases it would be Google Chrome.

As Google Chrome leaks some useful features that you really want to use it like installing Chrome extension for blocking ads to make your browsing experience better. So I have researched and found 7 new web browsers for your Android device that will make your user experience a lot better so without any further I do let’s find out 7 New Web Browsers for Android You Should Try.

1. UC Browser Turbo

UC Browser Turbo

UC Browser was one of the most popular and most downloaded Android browser but due to some allegations the browser was kicked off from Google Play Store and finally we have another beautiful yet powerful Browser for Android named as UC Browser Turbo.

UC Browser Turbo packs all the useful features from previous Jain UC Browser and if you are one of the fan like me who loves minimalistic design then catch your eyes because UCWeb gone with Google’s minimalistic design language keeping all the features in it.

Browser Turbo addition from UC is missing some of the old features which I used to like a lot and one of them is setting your own custom wallpaper background in it. But what I like most they have kept Turbo download mode so you will not have to worry about slow internet connectivity while downloading large files.

Download UC Browser Turbo (Rated 4.1/5 ⭐ on Play Store)

2. Mint Browser

Mint browser

If you are one of the xiaomi user you might have encountered with you MIUI default browser which is in my opinion filled with garbage only that you can’t even turn off and you will get annoying notifications from it but if you want to turn off ads in MIUI then you can read are article that will definitely help you out.

Mint Browser is also offered by Xiaomi and I have to say they have worked hard to make it lightweight yet powerful also it looks elegant and doesn’t consume a lot of resources of your Android smartphone the user interface is so simple and it has some of the the settings where you can change whether you want to visit website in desktop or mobile version also you can change your client and show you as Apple user to the browser.

Mint browser is fully powered by some useful features and one of my favourite is night mode yes you heard it right there is is dark mode feature available in mint browser that lets you browse in the night without harming your eyes.

Download Mint Browser (Rated 4.5/5 ⭐ on Play Store)

3. Neffos Browser

Nefoss Browser

You must have heard about TP link there. Popular in India and they make some of the good quality Wi-Fi routers and If you are using a local broadband provider then there are chances you must be using TP links Wi-Fi router but do you know Neffos Browser is created by TP link.

TP link is known for their feature pack routers and they have not left anything in feature department they have implemented almost all the features and one thing I like most there is one widget of weather that indicates weather in your surrounding in real time.

Neffos Browser is quite powerful and feature pack definitely this will come in handy when you want to use and experience something different show me your old Google Chrome.

Download Neffos Browser (Rated 4.1/5 ⭐ on Play Store)

4. Via Browser

Via Browser

You must have heard about Android go edition where all the applications are so lightweight but what if I tell you there is one browser named as via Browser which is ultimately one of the lightest Browser currently available for Android.

But let me clear one thing if you are thinking that it is so lightweight then it must not be having features then you going in wrong direction because this browser backs some of the amazing features like dark mode desktop mode fast downloading and a lot more and that too without taking much resources of your loved Android phone.

Download Via Browser (Rated 4.4/5 ⭐ on Play Store)

5. XBrowser


So in the same category of mini browsers let me share in front of you the XBrowser which is just about 775kb insize so you must have got the idea how lightweight this browser is.

Following the same thing as Via and Mint Browser this one also packs night mode that you will definitely fall in love with it and all the essential features to make your user experience a lot better in comparison to Google Chrome and if your device does not have enough Ram then definitely e I would recommend this to you.

Download XBrowser (Rated 4.3/5 ⭐ on Play Store)

6. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is one of my favorites in this list just because this browser can let you use your favourite Chrome extensions in your Android phone without any Hazel as this browser is built on the open source chromium respects all the similar features Google Chrome.

In the features please let me tell you one special feature that Google Chrome lacks and that is ad blocking yes this browser support blocking ads from all the websites those who annoy you and destroy your browsing experience also this browser supports dark mode there are certain ways to enable dark mode in Chrome, definitely as the browser is still in development but yes there are plenty of supported extensions available right now that you can tested by yourself.

Download Kiwi Browser (Rated 4.3/5 ⭐ on Play Store)

7. Opera Touch

Opwera Touch

If you are a 90s kid like me then definitely you must be a fan of Opera mini it was one of the fastest browser available for devices those were powered by Java like old Nokia phones.

Opera mini was the way to connect the internet QMobile phone and Opera has continued that legacy and they have bought Opera touch which is new browser and it is quite useful if you are a heavy dekstop Plus mobile user.

Opera touch is having one of the most useful feature currently available for any Android browser that is you can directly send links from Opera touch to your Android phone or you can do the vice-a-versa the definitely saves your time also this saves all the links forwarded through it so you never miss out or lose any of them.

In features department this also gives all the functionality of original Opera browser and this doesn’t take much resources and save space in your device

Download Opera Touch (Rated 4.3/5 ⭐ on Play Store)


That’s it from my side I have shared 7 New Web Browsers for Android that I found but if you think I have missed any other browsers please do let me know and if you have any query regarding this any browser just to let me know in the comment section below I will be answering it over there and if you found this article helpful consider sharing it with your friends and family members so they can also explore new web browsers for Android and make their user experience better.

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