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Now days smart TVs are becoming more and more popular in India, this credit also goes to Jio because they helped people to connect with internet and use it in a certain ways to improve their day to day life. Motorola is ready to launch Moto Branded TV.

Talking about TVs currently Xiaomi is leading Smart TV market in India oneplus is also planning to release new TV and in this game Motorola has jumped reports, that Motorola is going to release, its first TV on 16th of September in India and that will be powered by the Android OS.

After Smartphone war this is time for smart TVs where almost every brand is investing their time and money to make there space in the market, Because India is one of the biggest TV market in the world.

There are reports that Huawei will be launching their smart TV in India soon also Oneplus is ready with there and in the same race Xiaomi is going to release dear new smart TV on 17th of September along with new MI band 4.

Motorola has been one of the oldest brands in technology and smartphones there are well known across the globe for launching many phones. The TV will be powered by Android 9.0 Pie TV OS which is currently the latest and greatest. Based on the design of the TV it will also be featuring an “in-built soundbar with DTS TruSurround audio” and that is expected to offer a theatre-like experience to enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows.

This latest TV Motorola will be coming with bezels design on the sides as you can see in the image and provides its users with maximum viewing area with a bit of bezel at the bottom to support the chassis. As of now we have very limited information on this upcoming Moto TV but will be updating you as soon as we get more details on the same when it gets launched on Flipkart on September 16.

There are some rumours that Motorola is also planning to bring back its Moto RAZR phone with a foldable display and that is expected to be launched in Europe later this year in December for €1,500. The pricing of this upcoming Moto branded smart TV will play a major role to survive the heavy competition in the market where Xiaomi, OnePlus and Huawei have also showcased their smart TV’s. if you have any query related to this please do comment below and we will reply you, for more awesome content stay tuned at Gizmoxo.


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