Microsoft warns 1 million computers are still vulnerable to major Windows security exploit


Microsoft has issued a warning that around one million computers of Globally may be vulnerable to malware like Wannacry. Wannacry was spread all over the world in 2017. This malware damaged several billion dollars. Software company Microsoft has detected the occurrence of Wormable malware in remote desktop services, which can be automatically spread. The company has released its second adverb. In this the company has asked users to update their system. Users can avoid BlueKeep malware attacks upon updating the system.

According to the MSRC, Microsoft is convinced that this risk is still present. Fixes have just been released for two weeks and there has been no problem till now, but that does not mean that we are out of danger. Our opinion is the same. We recommend that all systems be updated as soon as possible. This bug is ‘critical’ which is affecting Windows XP, Windows 7 and server operating systems.

These operating systems are used mostly in the corporate. Vulnerability can be used to run code at the system level. This gives full access to the computer with data. The bad situation is that it gives freedom to attack anyone on any computer connected to the Internet. The effect of this new bug is not just on Windows 8 and Windows 10.


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