How to Make Potion of Weakness in Minecraft?

Minecraft potions have weaponizing powers which both work for negative as well as positive accomplishments. While some potions supply super strength to you, others are meant to harm you. The potion of weak is one such solution while playing Minecraft that will lower your attacking. When your offensive power gets reduced, you will have less damage with melee weapons. The potion of weakness also is upgraded into last longer weakness 2. But the Weakness 2 potions can’t be brewed. Know how to make a potion of weakness in Minecraft from below.

What is Potion of Weakness in Minecraft? 

The Potion of Weakness in Minecraft is a potion best used while playing Minecraft to make the character weak. The attacking damage after consuming the potion would reduce to 0.5 of the original value. However, the potion of weak was will only work with melee attacks. As far as the regular damages are concerned with the weapon it will remain unaffected. 

Normally, the potion lasts for 90 seconds but you can extend the duration by adding Redstone Dust to it. 

Potion of Weakness Minecraft

How Good is the Potion of Weakness on Minecraft? 

While the potion of weakness in Minecraft is good sometimes for reducing the power of the attacking weapons. On its own, the potion of weakness has limited advantages. It is only with the Splash Potion of Weakness, you can do something impactful. With the splash potion of weakness, you can heal the zombie villagers in Minecraft. 

Making the potion of Weakness is easy on both bedrock as well as mine craft Java editions. The latest Minecraft 1.8 update also allows you to brew the potions. 

Here’s how to make a potion of weakness in Minecraft: 

Ingredients Needed To Make the Potion of Weakness 

There are some ingredients required in Minecraft to add extra functionality to the Weakness potion. The method for brewing any potion in Minecraft is the same but the ingredients vary regardless. Ingredients required are- 

  • The Brewing Stand 
  • Gunpowder 
  • Blaze Powder 
  • Fermented Spider Eye 
  • Water Bottle 

Let’s peep into them one by one- 

The Brewing Stand: 

For making potions in Minecraft the brewing stand is needed. To look for such a stand, have an eye on the igloos and village churches. Also, you don’t have to depend on anything. You can self-craft such brewing stands by using blazing rods and cobblestones. 


Unlike the brewing stand, in Minecraft, crafting gunpowder is a dependent job as you can’t do it on your own. Search for gunpowder from the chests which are camouflaged in the Jungle temples, village chests, or desert temples. You can also kill a creeper for that matter as it drops the gunpowder. 

Blaze Powder: 

The Blaze Powder is central to brewing the potion of weakness. It is the fuel to add power to the brewing stand. You can do so by placing the blaze rods on the crafting table. Soon, the blaze rods turn to blaze powder. In this game, the blaze rod can only be retrieved by killing, finding, or fighting blazes. 

Fermented Spider Eye: 

The heart of making the potion of weakness is adding the fermented spider eye. It can be created on the crafting table by blending three key ingredients. 

  • The first is obvious, which is the spider eye. Kill spiders to get their eye. 
  • The second is obtaining a brown mushroom. Look for it in the taiga, swamps, nether, or any other biomes. 
  • Thirdly, you need to add sugar to complete the blending. 

After collecting all the ingredients, put them together on the crafting table, and your fermented spider eye will be ready. 

Water Bottle 

For brewing any potion, water is essential. So, simply make the water bottle by using three blocks of glass. Fill the 3x blocks from any water source in the Minecraft world. 

How to Make Potion of Weakness in Minecraft 

Making a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft is not a big deal as it involves three easy steps. 

Step1. You can begin by using the secondary key of the brewing stand or right-click on it and open it. 

Step 2. Place the blade powder on the leftmost cell of the stand. Wait for some time. It will automatically burn itself and transform into the powder source of the stand. 

Step 3. Locate the glass bottle in any of the three cells from the bottom. 


  • At most, you can make three bottles of potion at once from the given ingredient. 
  • To make it work, make sure that each bottle is filled with water. 

Step 4. At the top of the brewing stand (any of the empty cells at the top) add fermented spider eye. Once added, it will start diluting on its own. Now your potion is ready to use. Once done drag it down and add it to your inventory.

How to Function with the Potion of Weakness in Minecraft?

The potion of weakness can only be used by drinking it. To drink the potion simply right-click on it. Also, you can do so by using the secondary action key while holding the potion bottle. Once you do so, your character will drink it and the after-effects will become visible immediately. 

However, it’s a negative potion, so instead try the splash potion of weak which is more defensive. 

Way of Making Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft. 

While brewing the potion of weakness, you must have wondered when to use the gunpowder. Here’s where the role of gunpowder comes in while making the potion of weakness.

Step 1. To get started, open the brewing stand menu. 

Step 2. It is only when you add the blade powder in the extreme left box that the stands get activated. 

Step 3. To make the splash of weakness, you would require one potion of weak ess+ one gunpowder. 

How to do that? Simply, place the weak potion in any of the bottom cells of the brewing stand menu. Now add the gunpowder to the top cell. 

Step 4. Wait until you hear a bubbling sound and until the gunpowder evaporates. 

The splash potion of weakness is finally being brewed. So, you can use it to throw at a mob or a player and transfer them the weakness effect. Once you splash the potion of weakness on them, their damaging impact reduces by 0.5 of the original value for 1 minute and thirty seconds straight. 

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The End! 

The potion of Weakness in Minecraft can easily be made given you have all the ingredients. However, try to convert the usage of the negative potion to your benefit. Add gunpowder and brew the splash potion of weakness to score better in the game. 

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