Instagram strategy for the Entrepreneurs (2021 Updated)


When Instagram marketing is in the foreground, people usually talk about more followers, a better interaction rate and a uniform feed. But what if founders want to acquire customers directly via Instagram? This is particularly interesting for entrepreneurs who work in the B2B area.

Instagram strategy for the Entrepreneurs

Instagram search can be a crucial tool for any entrepreneur. But the rule here is that things are a little different from normal sales campaigns.

The example is the sale of a new car. First of all, entrepreneurs should ask themselves a few questions:

  • Who has bought similar cars in the past?
  • Are there any special features about the car that could be of interest to Instagram users?
  • Have Instagram users already expressed interest in a similar or a specific car?

In this context, the most trusted source is SocialWick. With the help of this platform you can get very targeted and best Instagram followers in every possible way.

Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Let’s stick with the example of cars. A seller is interested in selling a used car to the man or woman.

How does the procedure then look on Instagram?

Everything starts with the Instagram search bar. Sellers have the option to use:

  • find the hashtags
  • Find the account that are established in this area
  • Narrow the search by number of followers.

Scenario: The company already has many followers

If the company already has a large number of followers, it is easy to contact them. It will then be possible to see all user profiles that are currently following it. You can start following each other and getting follow-back. As you have already bright Instagram followers from SocialWick, you have a decent ground to stand in the eyes of potential customers. 

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