How to Watch Netflix with Friends

How to Watch Netflix with Friends

Netflix is a very popular streaming application. Many times, people like us thought that; what if we add some money to buy the subscription of this application? Or you have a subscription to this application and your friends want your account but as per the terms and conditions, one account per user makes it difficult. So, in this article, we will describe how you can easily watch Netflix shows or movies with your friends and family using the Chrome Extensions called Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party).

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Watch Netflix with Friends

Netflix Party is an application that allows you to sync up Netflix shows or movies so that you can watch Netflix not only with your friends but with people all over the world. This application has the best feature in which it includes a little chat room so that friends and people can react to the show or movie together at the same time. Now, the requirement to do this is that you have a Netflix account so that you can log in. Right now, “Netflix Party” is currently limited to the Chrome browser either on a Chromebook, desktop computer for Windows 10, or on the Mac. So, the real limitation right now is that you really can’t do this on a phone or an iPad yet.

1. So, the first thing you need to do to get started is simply going to “”. Once you reach there just click on “Get Netflix for free!”.

2. Now, once you click on that it will redirect you to the chrome web store and show the “Netflix Party” application to add as an extension. Now all you need to do is to select the option “Add to Chrome”.

Watch Netflix with Friends

3. Basically, it is an extension that will allow us to do this in Netflix and it does not require any permissions. And you do not have to give it your login information for Netflix. So, there are no issues with security or anything like that, just go ahead and select “Add extension”.

4. Once the extension has been added just go to the homepage of chrome there is an extension bar logo (NP) on the top right near your Gmail.

5. Now, all we need to do is go to “”. Login to your account and start playing a show or movies which your friends want to see. Or simply play some test videos that Netflix has. Once you start playing any video on Netflix the NP extension up there becomes red which means it’s ready to use.

How to Watch Netflix with Friends

6. All we need to do now is to select the icon that says NP and then it will give us some options there. Where we can start the party now but one thing to keep in mind is that you can make it only when you have control. So, nobody else can move forward or backward or pause the Netflix shows or movies that you were watching.

7. You will be the only one that has control. All you need to do is just tick on the “only I have control” and press on to start the party. Now it’s going to give us a URL. You just need to copy the URL and share this URL with your family and friends to whom you want to invite and they will be able to join.

Some Important Needs to know Before Using Netflix Party

On using Netflix Party many people suffer from some issues and some errors. So, there is the troubleshoot for those issues and problems and also some best features and its way to use.

1. Now, your friends and family to whom you invited will have their Netflix account that they are logged in to. And, they will have to be using a Chrome browser that has a Netflix Party installed. Now, as soon as you create a party a chat room has been started right next to the show or movie.  

2. Now that we have the Netflix Party started we can copy the link again by using the little link chain on the top right corner. You just need to click on it to copy the link and again you can share this link with anybody that you want to include in your party.

3. And, when someone joins the party from the link it will pop up a joining message in the chatroom. Now, a couple of things to note; when people join and it does not work, have them try loading the link again and make sure that they are logged into Netflix correctly.

4. And if they go to the video and it just starts playing without the chatroom all they need to do is just press on the NP extension logo then leave it here for a second and that should open up the chat room. Or they could try accessing the URL a couple more times just to let it sink in and get everything correct.

5. And after that, you can start watching the Netflix shows or movies with your friends and it will sync with them. Now you can press play and it will play it for everybody at the party.

6. Netflix Party application has a cool feature, you can customize your name and avatar just by clicking the avatar on the right top corner. And you can select the image too to change it to anything you want and also you can change your nickname in the chat. Once you customize this all just press on the “save changes” and it will be changed.

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In this article, I had briefly described the best and genuine way to watch Netflix shows or movies with friends and families using the Netflix Party application. The bad thing about this application is that only you can use this application as an extension in the Chrome browser which means you cannot use this application on the smartphone. This application has very cool features and can easily be accessed by anyone and also if you suffer from any problem then you can resolve it in this article too. So, this is a quick and easy way to watch Netflix with your friends, family, and with anyone in the world using the Netflix Party. 

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