How to Use Carl Bot for Roles on Discord!

In the gaming world, the role of the discord server to stay connected with other fellow members can never be underestimated. But for a  single discord server, the handling of this massive amount of audience is not easy. It is here that the need for Carl Bot can be felt where they can control several channels and monitor the activities of the members. So, to keep things simple, Carl bot acts as a middleman on your behalf who tries to manage the overwhelming tasks and then adds them to the discord server. And among the multiple features of the Carl bot, setting up the reaction roles on Discord is one of them. To know how to use Carl Bot roles on discord for desktop, Android, and iPhone versions, follow the article! 

What are Reaction Roles on Discord servers? 

While using Discord Bot, the user can assign roles to themselves simply by proving reactions in form of emojis to a message. You can select roles for all kinds of tasks like changing fonts, approving certain permissions, selecting a particular color to usernames, etc. The task of assigning roles to a discord server gets easier only when you can access an efficient bot such as the Carl bot. 

To a discourse server, when a member joins, then by default he is assigned the everyone role. And in this context, the primary importance of the reactive role feature is to target a specific group of users while communicating. For instance, while communicating for an encrypted chat server, you can create two roles- Whatsapp and Telegram. And now every member entering the server has to choose a role based on their preference. 

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How do the Reaction Roles works for the users? 

To allow users in selecting a specific role, here’s what the instructions you have to follow- 

  • Firstly, you have to create a concrete reaction role message within the get started channel. 
  • Below the created reaction role message, the users will find emoji options depicting a specific role.
  • The users simply have to click on a particular emoji for choosing a particular role. ( (Note. If the users find it reasonable, they can also select multiple roles represented by multiple emojis ).

So, the reaction roles’ significance is in creating an emoji-based message and then the users selecting from the different assigned roles. 

Stepwise setting Carl Bot for Roles on Discord.

For using Carl Bot on assigning Roles on Discord, primarily there are three macro steps involved. And those are: 

  • creating Discord Server roles;
  •  adding the Carl Bot to a Discord Server and 
  • finally setting up the rules on the Carl bot. 

Now below learn how to proceed with each of these macro steps. 

Creating Discord Server Roles.

Step 1. While using a desktop, visit the official site of Discord and then log in. 

Step 2. Placed at the above right corner of the Discord page, select the server name. 

Step 3. After that head on to the server settings followed by roles situated in the discord sidebar. 


Step 4. You can easily create a new role and for that below the Roles tab, you have to tap on the Create Role option. ( The Create Role button is present next to the search roles bar. )

Create Role option discord

Step 5. Now it’s time to assign a name to the created role. 


Step 6. The next step is deciding on color making to identify clearly. 

Step 7. Now, tap on Save Changes to successfully create a Discord Server Role. 

You can build as many roles as you want for the members, and for that continue repeating the above steps. 

Adding the Carl Bot to a Discord Server. 

While there are several other bots like Zira available in the market, what gives Carl Bot an upper hand over others is that the user can add up to 250 roles on the server. And every member entering the server can also choose multiple roles at a time. Below, know how to add Carl Bot to a Discord Server- 

Step 1. While from your desktop, visit the Carl Bot official site. 

Step 2. While the home page opens, there locate invite at the top of the navigation section. Now, click on it. 

Step 3. They will ask you to add a server and from the drop-down menu, select the server you wish to add the bot. 

Step 4. For adding the bot to the server, the bot requires permission for accessing the server. So, when any notification asking for permission comes, just tap on Authorize

Step 5. Undergo the CAPTCHA verification process, which would confirm that you are not any robot. 

Following each of these steps would connect Carl Bot with your server. Now you are all set to establish reactive roles under the Discord server. 

Setting up the roles on the Carl Bot. 

Step 1. Access the Carl Bot Dashboard and in the left sidebar tap on the Reaction Roles. 

Step 2. There tap on the green “create a new reaction rolebutton. 

Step 3. The upcoming pop-up window will ask you to select from the available three modes choices- 

  • Post Embed ( If you want to input a message on Carl Bot and then embed it to your Discord Server, then choose it). 
  • User ID (This mode helps in converting an already typed message into a reaction role message. So, to particularize the same concrete message you only need to paste the message ID there). 
  • Use most recent message in channel ( This mode helps in specifying a channel for your server. In this case, the last seen message would get converted to a reaction role message). 

Step 4. For setting reaction roles on Carl Bot use the Post Embed feature. Then, select the channels where your message should be displayed. 

Step 5. It’s time for you to choose some emojis by clicking add emoji that would depict a specific role. 

Step 6. Based on the emoji-based assigned roles, the users can choose single or multiple roles by simply selecting the emoji. 

Step 7. To make users aware of what roles they have chosen, you can side by side create a message in the content section. 

Step 8. If done, tap on the create button. 

So, here you go! By following these steps you have created the reactive roles on the dashboard. 

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Do Carl Bot Role setting on Discord Servers works on Android and iPhone versions? 

Adding Reaction Role to a Discord Server is possible with Android and iPhone devices. However, you have to use an alternative like Mee6 Bot for that. Adding reaction roles is pretty simple using Mee6 similar to the Carl Bot. All steps are similar and you have to fill in the necessary details using the on-screen guide. 

However, remember whatever bot you are using (Carl Bot, Mee6, etc ) always update the Discord permission section to permit every user to Read messages and add reactions to them.

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The end! 

You can also use the official Discord app below the roles section available in the server settings menu to avail these functions. Also, the Carl Bot auto roles option ensures every user joins a specific allocated role in place of joining the default everyone role.

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