How To Unlock The Boatloader in Realme X2 Pro

Realme recently launched Realme X2 Pro it is the Successor of the Realme X2 and now the Realme X2 Pro is available in the China market and it will come soon in the Indian market. It is a Realme flagship smartphone that smartphone packed with the amazing specifications, and the realme has released the process of unlocking the bootloader of Realme X2 Pro.

Do you want to unlock the Bootloader of your Ralme X2 Pro? Then you are landed on the page today we going to guide you on how to unlock the bootloader in Realme X2 Pro by the of In-Depth Test provide by Realme officially for unlocking the bootloader.

The Realme is a new stalled Smartphone brand in India, and the Realme is getting a Popularity day by day. And now the Realme is one of the loving brand in India.  Because of their excellent Specification, Performance, Build Quality & pricing. And also the Realme announced the new Realme OS ( Operating System ) which is coming soon and it’s for all the available Realme devices.

Now Realme X2 Pro comes with a locked bootloader due to security reasons. Further, in this Tutorial, we will discuss this. From onwards the Realme X2 Pro will come with a locked bootloader.

And how to unlock the bootloader, We have to follow some of the steps with Realme’s Permission. We need to apply for unlocking bootloader for getting permission first, after that we can unlock the bootloader with the help of an In-depth Test.

Quick Specification of Realme X2 Pro

Realme X2 Pro Come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus is a new flagship processor announced from Qualcomm, also Realme X2 Pro comes with Quad Camera Setup in the back and it has an amazing front camera which clicks amazing shots with the front camera and rear camera. Apart from it, the Realme X2 Pro comes with 50W charger it means you device fully charged within 30min and Bluetooth, Wifi, UFS 3.0 that it some amazing specification of Realme X2 Pro.

Disclaimer will not take any responsibility for any kind of problem to occur in your device at the time of the Unlocking bootloader. We are 100% sure that this article is well written without any errors. But, if you don’t follow it correctly then you will end up bricking your device. So, FOLLOW THIS GUIDE CAREFULLY!

Important Details

  1. The backup of all the important data because at the time of unlocking Bootloader, All the data will be erased.
  2. The in-depth test has an unforeseeable impact on your device so be determine your self for that.
  3. After Unlock the bootloader some of the functions and Apps will not be working properly
  4. After unlocking the bootloader the Device is not fully secured so Be careful some of the personal data will leaks.
  5. Security:- After rooting smartphones. A common practice with rooted phones is to flash ROMs with custom programs. When the app or ROM is installed from an unreputable source, there’s a risk of installing a malicious program.
  6. After unlocking the bootloader Widevine L1 will be replaced by Widevine L3.


  1. Make Sure your realme X2 Pro has at least 60% of battery while unlocking the bootloader process.
  2. You need One USB Cable for the unlocking process.
  3. And you also need Pc or Mac for unlocking bootloader.
  4. Download the Unlock Tool Apk File in your Realme X2 Pro. and install it to apply for unlocking bootloader Via the unlock tool.
  5. Follow the Step carefully to unlock the bootloader of realme X2 Pro.

Unlocking Bootloader of Realme X2 Pro

The Unlocking Process Divided into the Tow simple step so follow the steps below.

  1. Open the In-Dept test Tool in Your Realme X2 Pro.

How To Unlock The Boatloader in Realme X2 Pro 1

  1. After the open the Unlock tool press the Start Apply Bottun for getting permission to unlock the bootloader.

How To Unlock The Boatloader in Realme X2 Pro 2

  1. Clicking Start Apply Button you will the next page there you will get the disclaimer, Read the disclaimer Carefully and select the checkbox. After that press the Submit Application button.

How To Unlock The Boatloader in Realme X2 Pro 3

  1. After Submitting Application the application going for the Review.
  2. Within one or Two hour you will the status of the application in your in-depth Test Tool. If the Status shows the unlocking successful then follow the father steps

How To Unlock The Boatloader in Realme X2 Pro 4

  1. Now you can click “Start the in-depth test” and the Realme X2 Pro will reboot automatically. The following staring will display on the screen: fast boot_unlock_verify ok

How To Unlock The Boatloader in Realme X2 Pro 5

  1. After that Download and install the fastboot tool on your PC or MacBook by check this link “ “, and use a USB cable to connect phone and PC. In Fastboot mode use engineering command in the picture below to unlock
  • Open the Command Prompt in Your System
  • Next Enter the command: ADB reboot bootloader
  • After that Press “Enter” on your keyboard
  • And now Enter the command: fastboot flashing unlock
  • And Press “Enter” on your keyboard
  1. after that switch On your phone press the Volume Up key to select “Unlock” or press the Volume Down key if you have changed your mind and do not want to unlock the bootloader then select “Do not unlock bootloader”).

How To Unlock The Boatloader in Realme X2 Pro 6

  1. After clicking the Volume Up, you will get enter the new interface showed below.

How To Unlock The Boatloader in Realme X2 Pro 7

  1. Then enter the command “fastboot reboot”. after that the phone will reboot and enter the in-depth test mode – all user data on the phone will be erased – we recommend you perform a data backup prior to applying

If you are facing any issue while Unlocking the Bootloader of realme X2 Pro with the help of In-Depth Test application. Read this guide → How to Unlock the Bootloader of Realme X2 Pro

That’s it You have successfully Unlocked The Bootloader of Realme X2 Pro. If you have queries then you can ask by dropping them in the comment section below.

I hope you like it and you can easily Unlock the Bootloader of your Realme X2 Pro  now so please do it now and let me know that so I can come with Exciting Articles for you

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