How to Turn Off iPhone 14

How to Turn Off iPhone 14

“How do I turn off the iPhone 14?” is trending on Google, which makes sense. The iPhone 14 is launched and as a result, Apple is adding new users. As such, Google is getting tons of iPhone 14 questions from new buyers one of them is how to turn it off.

If you’re used to having a home button to power down your device or you are an Android user moving to an iPhone, figuring out how to turn off the iPhone 14 may be a head-scratcher. Don’t worry, though. I have a quick and easy tutorial to help shut off your iPhone 14.

How to turn off the iPhone 14

There are two ways you can turn off the iPhone 14, but the easiest and most efficient way is to use the buttons located on the sides of the iPhone 14.

Method 1

1. Locate the volume-up button (on the left side of the iPhone 14).

2. Find the solitary button on the right side of the iPhone 14.

3. Press both buttons simultaneously until the “Slide to Power Off” feature appears.

4. Slide the circular button from left to right, and your iPhone 14 will power down.

It’s worth noting that you can achieve the same result by using the volume down button and the right button.

Method 2

1. Go to Settings.

2Go to “General.”

3. Scroll down to the bottom.

4. Tap on “Shut Down.”

To turn your iPhone 12 back on, all you need to do is press and hold the right button until the Apple logo appears.

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