How to run Windows software on Linux Operating System

First of all, we all know that everyone knows about Windows Operating System. It’s a popular Operating System.
Most of all it’s an Professional Operating System for Official Users. Everybody do their official work very smoothly on it. As like Typing, Assignment, Presentation & Others too many works. As a result, Windows become a Choice of professional users. Think you are using a free Operating System. But, you can use your favorite Windows software in your free Operating. So, I am going to show you how to run Windows software on Linux Operating System.

We all know Microsoft is not going to give us their Operating System for free. Either we have to buy their Operating System or we have to crack them. If you have the money then you can buy it. But, if you don’t have the money. Probably, your choice is the second one. But, you know it’s an illegal way. And that’s not good. But why you are using Windows? Because you are similar to the windows software. So, you don’t want to use another Operating Software.

Finally, we have a solution.

If you don’t know about other Operating Systems you can research about it. There are many Operating System software are available which are fully free. You don’t need money to get this Operating Systems. The most popular and most Lightweight and efficience Operating System is now Linux. Linux has much Distribution. If we want to learn about Linux then click Here. And you can windows any software on Linux by Some Apps of Linux. So, I am going to Show you a software named Wine. And how to Install & Use this Software. And how to run Windows software on Linux Operating System.

Information About What Is Linux OS (Operating Systems)

When it comes about to use a Windows software in Linux, the first names come to the list is Wine. It is the software who gives us a proper solution to run Windows software in Linux. Wine is like an Emulator. Actually not just an Emulator it is a free open-source compatibility layer which allows running Windows software on an Operating System like Unix & Linux. Wine Meaning Wine Is Not an Emulator. It’s a Huge Project which started in 1993 by Alexandre Julliard. He is a computer programmer.

How to run windows software on Linux Operating System.
How to run windows software on Linux Operating System.

Install process And Using:

1. Most of the Linux Distribution carry Wine as pre-install. But, if you don’t have then you can download it from Here.
2. Now you can choose any Windows software(.exe) any by Select & Right Click on it then Choose open with Wine program loader.
3. If you do not see the open with Wine program loader then simply click on Open with other applications. And select Wine Windows Program loader form Recommended Applications.
And finally, you can now install any windows software on Linux.
4. You can also configure Wine as your need. You just have to go Application manager and select Wine then go to Configure Wine.


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