How To Raid On Twitch

How to raid on twitch

Game streaming is getting popular all over the world and thanks to Twitch and their simple interface streaming is easier ever before, growing on Twitch is a little hard as people often have their own favorite streamer they prefer to watch their stream. Raid On Twitch is very helpful for every streamer, if a steamer is ending their stream there are two options for him either end the stream and let his audience find another video to stream or he can raid on other Twitch streamers this way small creators can grow and it helps to build a network, So we are here with a step by step guide on:

How To Raid On Twitch

  1. First of all type the chat command “/raid username” here the username is the stream name of the Twitch channel that you want to raid.
  2. Once you inserted the command (/raid username), a 10-second timer will popup. Once the countdown is finished, you will be given the option to raid the channel.
  3. Click the raid button. If you don’t press the raid button it will automatically begin in 80 seconds. If you want to cancel the raid, press the cancel button.

You can also manage all your raid settings from your Twitch dashboard if you only want to accept raids from your teammates, friends, or followed channels that can be also changed. 


Raiding on twitch helps you make new friends and opens the door of collaboration you can build a reliable team that will work together to build up your own communities or you can a Twitch family.

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