How to Keep Computer From Sleeping Without Touching the Mouse

how to keep computer from sleeping

Computers make our life easier and help us complete our tasks faster but sometimes you need to keep your PC away from sleeping because you might be compiling a program, rendering a video for Youtube, or uploading a video to your channel and you want to keep track of it now you want to keep your; computer from sleeping without touching the mouse. In the guide you will learn step by step how to keep a computer from sleeping:

How to keep computer from sleeping?

Microsoft has already added the ability to stop computers from sleeping after inactivity. This setting will keep your PC on as long as you want it will not go to sleep until you do it manually here is how to use windows power settings to do this.

  1. Press the start button and search for the Control Panel.
  2. Go to System and Security.
  3. Click to Change plan settings.
  4. In this window the Turn off display option allows you to choose how long the Windows 11,10 and 7 computer display stays on, both on battery and plugged in. Now you can choose to Turn off the display: Never.
  5. Click to Save Changes.

How to make the cursor move automatically?

If you have followed the above steps carefully and still your computer is going to sleep and you are looking for a way to make cursor move automatically to keep the computer from the sleep the coffee app will make your cursor move automatically and prevent the PC from sleeping.

  • Download and install the Coffe program and install it on your PC.
  • Once done press the start button on the keyboard and search for Coffee and open it.
  • Now every 1 minute Coffee program will press F15 to keep the computer from sleeping.
  • To close it go to the toolbar at the bottom of your desktop, right-click on the Coffee app, and select Exit.

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