How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Messenger App

Sometimes, our loved ones may do unthinkable things that could have a negative effect on their lives. And it is not about real life only. Chatting with the wrong people or saying the wrong things online may lead to unpleasant consequences. So, knowing how to hack someone’s Facebook Messenger is necessary if you want to protect your friends and family.

If you are with us on this, you will gain insights into helpful Facebook Messenger hacks to monitor your loved ones’ activities.

Why You May Need to Hack Someone Else’s Messenger?

Nobody can argue that Facebook Messenger is one of the top social apps worldwide. With over 1.3 billion active users, it is impossible to find friends and families who don’t use the SMS tracker app. And it means that there are certainly some users on the app who you’ll want to protect from the threats posed by the digital world.

It may be cyberbullying that your kids face. Or it may be all types of scammers who try to steal money from your parents or elderly relatives. Unfaithful partners or dishonest employees are not out of the question, either.

Knowing a Messenger hack or two to track what these people do online will come in handy and save you time, money, and nerves. Let’s find out how to hack someone’s Facebook Messenger in a couple of minutes.

Facebook Messenger Hack that We Recommend

The best Facebook Messenger hack that we can recommend is using spy apps. And mSpy app tops our list because it gives you access to someone’s FB account without them discovering it. The purpose of accessing your teens and relatives’ portal is to know their activities without notice. The mSpy app does it outstandingly without the owner’s knowledge.

Facebook Tracker. Using this mSpy feature doesn’t offer you direct access to the target user’s account. What it does is gather information about the person and provide you with access to all their contacts and private chats.

mSpy Facebook tracker also allows you to see all the videos and images shared with the user. Moreover, the app will even show you all the messages that were deleted.

Keylogger. This feature works differently from the Facebook Tracker. It obtains the target user’s credentials when they are typed on the phone’s keyboard. You can later use their credentials to log into the app and track their activity as long as you need.

Messenger Hacks that Other Users Recommend

You don’t have to be a professional hacker to hack FB Messenger. FB users came up with different techniques they employed when they were in similar situations. While these methods are not entirely effective, they can be helpful on occasions. A few recommended messenger hacks include:

Using Forgot Password Feature

No hacker can easily breach the Facebook firewall, which makes getting access to someone’s account a bit tricky. However, every user gets an option to change their password if forgotten. It is a golden opportunity for you to hack FB Messenger. It requires a few steps once you are on the Facebook login page.

It is essential to know the user’s email address or phone number attached to the account to receive a 6-digit code. You can’t use the forgot password feature without it. Possibly, you could not get the code, choose the option saying “No longer have access to these.” It requests a new email/phone to receive the code, but nevertheless, it will notify the user about all the changes.

Guessing Their Password

This option applies to parents or friends who can try and guess their target user’s password if they know the user’s birth information, phone numbers, or favorite items. In that case, you can be lucky enough to get the passcode.

98% of this method will not generate desirable results as a few ones outsmarted even weakly formed passwords. So, guessing their password may not be a good way to hack FB Messenger.

Checking Saved Passwords on Browsers

You might not be aware that some Facebook users still use browsers to log in occasionally. If you have access to their device, open the browser to check the password manager for the detail you need.

But before you can do that, you need to know the laptop or phone password. Then you go to the browser settings and find a list of saved passwords. Clicking an eye icon next to the name of the website will make the password visible. That way, you can hack someone’s Facebook Messenger in a few clicks.


You can, and you should monitor your children and close relatives to know what they do online. And using a Messenger hack like mSpy may prove really helpful to keep your loved ones away from danger.

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