How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop?

Nintendo Switch became a dream come true for every gamer as it can be easily screened with mobile devices and joysticks. The company has sold more than 50 million copies and still, the hype for the Nintendo Switch has become no less. So know from this article how to play the handheld Nintendo favorite games while sitting on your couch from your desktop or laptop.

What is Nintendo Switch?

If you are currently viewing this page there are lesser changes that you don’t know about the Nintendo switch. But still to clarify the doubts of beginners consider Nintendo switch as a portable gaming console that is exclusively designed for hardcore gamers. There are more than one ways through which you can connect the Nintendo switch to your Laptop. Check out below.

Prerequisites to Connecting Laptop with Nintendo Switch

Other than the laptop and the Nintendo switch there are some other things you would require to connect them.
Nintendo Dock. Without the dock, it is impossible to connect the switch to any of the devices. But don’t worry! The Nintendo Dock does come along with the console. Those who have lost the dock or broken them can order separately from sites like Amazon.
The Game Capture Card. Even though the capture cards are designed to stream the console gameplay on PC, they also act as a connector. The capture card includes the HDMI input and output port and USB port which makes the transfer of connectivity to any laptop possible.
HDMI Cables. At least one HDMI cable is mandatory for carrying out the operation. The HDMI cables are complementary to the capture card box and another with the switch. If they don’t come with the boxes, make sure you have stocked the cables earlier.
Installing the Software. Other than the hardware just mentioned, you have to install the software for free from the manufacturing site. Otherwise, the entire procedure of connecting the Nintendo Switch to the Laptop will be pointless.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop!

Option 1. Connecting Nintendo Switch with Windows and Mac

In order to connect the Nintendo Switch to a Mac or Windows laptop you have to dock it. Once docked in, begin following the unique setup procedure.
Step 1. If you already have connected the switch cable to the television or other devices, unplug it, or if not let’s start fresh.
Step 2. Now connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI capture card. ( we prefer using an Egato HDMI card)
Step 3. Now install the game capture HD app on your laptop.
Step 4. You are all set, now! All you have to do is switch on the Nintendo switch.
Step 5. From your controllers press the home option. Pressing the home button will turn on the Nintendo Switch console.
Step 6. Choose for connecting the laptop to the Egato capture card device. Soon you will be able to see the Nintendo switch on the home screen on your mac or windows laptop screen.
Step 7. To enable the full-screen mode, tap the fullscreen icon available at the top right corner of the Game Capture HD app.

Other than Elgato, remember for all capture cards the above steps are similar. However, make sure that they work on the same principles.

Option 2: Emulators

There are certain Nintendo switch emulators available for free in the market through which you can play switch games on a laptop. However, the emulators are not safe to use as while downloading them some malware in the device can be detected.

Other Trusted Options : IF Any!

Other than the HDMI cable and capture card way, there is no reliable alternative way available to connect Nintendo switches with laptops directly. If you can’t afford to buy the capture card we would suggest trying alternative games like those on the switch from the windows store.

The HDMI capture devices are the most trusted way of connecting the switch to a laptop. Those are lag-free as data is transferred from the switch to the dock followed by the capture device through HDMI and then the USB transfers the data to the Laptop to display.

Some Advice While Connecting Nintendo Switch To Laptop

Firstly, make sure that the laptop and the Nintendo switch dock are both plugged into the power source as the complete process is highly power intensive.

Make sure that the HDMI cable is plugged into the in port and not the out port, otherwise, the game capture HD software may fail to detect the switch.

Once you have chosen a full-screen icon from game capture HD, make sure not to touch the mouse or keyboard. It is so because the switch footage would expand to the full screen automatically.

The End

Now that you know how to connect Nintendo Switch to a laptop, arrange your HDMI cable, capture the card, and start playing even at remote places. Only make sure that you follow reliable methods of connecting the switch to the laptop. Otherwise, your laptop may fall the risk of malware and other virus invasions.

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