How to Check Screen Time on Samsung

Smartphones have unlocked a huge amount of human potential it allowed us to stay connected with those closest to us we no longer have to wait for vacations to meet friends and family members, now we use zoom calls and FaceTime but with all the good comes the bad we’re glued to our Samsung Galaxy devices addicted to technology.

We often spend over four hours every day on our phones but instead of simply rejecting technology. We can be more productive by analyzing screen time on Samsung Smartphones. It helps the user to keep track of the amount of time they are spending on the device that can be easily organized with your calendar app and to-do list to manage your time and be productive.

How to Find Screen Time on Samsung

  1. Open Settings on Samsung Smartphone
  2. Tap Digital Wellbeing & parental controls or search for it
  3. Tap the three-dot menu on the top right and select Manage your data.
  4. Toggle on Daily device usage.

Now you will be able to view applications arranged according to most screen time, this way you can analyze your smartphone usage pattern.

How to Find Screen Time on Samsung

Use App Timer

Samsung lets you set time limits for specific apps. For example, you can set a timer for twenty-five minutes Then, your device will remind you of the time usage. Even better, for the rest of the day, that app’s icon will be greyed out to remind you of your goal.

Other Features

There are many useful features in the main Digital WellBeing screen. You can turn off Do Not Disturb mode just by flipping your device over. There are parental controls that remind you to be careful about how much time you spend on social media.


I hope you are able to find screen time on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, now you can track your time and find out where you are spending time unnecessarily and turn that time to be more productive in your work life. Share this article with friends and family members if you have any further queries do let me know via Twitter at Devenderkg.

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