How To Cancel Twitch Prime? (Step by step Guide)

how to cancel twitch prime

Twitch is one of the biggest game streaming platformer, people stream games on it people like you and me watch it on daily basis, Twitch is owned by Amazon, So as always there is also a Twitch Prime option and if you got the subscription and you want to learn How To Cancel Twitch Prime? You are at the right place.

What is Twitch Prime membership?

Twitch Prime membership is very similar to YouTube Join option Twitch charge monthly payment to the individual channels on that helps streamers financially and let them stream high quality content frequently.

How to Cancel Twitch Prime

There are many ways to to cancel the twitch prime subscription that includes with amazon prime and without amazon prime and after free trial period so without wasting any more time lets get started.

Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription Without Canceling Amazon Prime

To cancel Twitch Prime without losing Amazon prime access you need to follow the steps given bellow:

  • Log into your Twitch account.
  • Click on the “My Profile” icon.
  • Click on “Settings” from the menu as shown below:
  • Click on the “Connections” tab on this page.
  • Click the “Disconnect” button that appears in front of the Amazon section. Unlinking the Amazon and Twitch accounts can causes you to lose access to a few features such as Cheering with Bits and Prime Gaming.
  • After Unlinking both accounts, Your Twitch account will get deactivated automatically after the date of renewal met.

How to Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription After Free Trial Period?

There are 2 methods to cancel your free membership.

Method 1:

If you got free membership then the 1st method to cancel just wait for the end of the current 30-day membership period. After 30 days, your subscription will expire automatically.

Method 2:

Else, you can follow these steps to Cancel Twitch prime subscription manually:

  • Just Click On “Your Prime Membership Account”.
  • Click on The “End Trial and Benefits” on the bottom-left.
  • Select option “End My Benefits”.
  • Select “Continue to Cancel” or Keep My twitch Membership.

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