How to Block Hulu Ads

If you’re using the ad-supported plan of Hulu, you’ll be familiar with the annoying ads that frequently appear between TV shows and movies, which seems a little unfair due to ad frequency. If you are tired of watching frequent advertisements, which completely ruin the experience, you want to get rid of ads on Hulu. In this article, you will learn how to skip ads on Hulu step by step.

Use Hulu Ad Skipper Chrome Extension

This method is the safest as it involves a third-party Chrome extension Hulu Ad Skipper that automatically skips the ads whenever Hulu plays an ad, and you can sit back and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies without worrying about those annoyingly Hulu ads.

1. Open the Google Chrome browser and go to Menu.

2. In the Menu look for “More Tools” and in there tap the “Extensions”.

3. In the Extensions tap the “Main menu” on the left-hand side. It will show the menu here open the Chrome Web Store. Or you can simply open Chrome Web Store

4. You will need to sign in with your Google account if you’re not already signed in.

5. In the search box type “Hulu Ad Skipper” and tap enter. You’ll see a list of Hulu ad blockers available for chrome.

6. Select the first one listed as “Hulu Ad Skipper | Ad Blocker” it will block the Hulu ads on Chrome.

Hulu Ad Skipper

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Use Web Filtering

It’s possible to block Hulu ads both on your own computer, a mobile phone, or across an entire network, and there are several ways to pull this off. Manually through device settings, using downloadable software/apps, or even browser extensions are all ways to revoke access to distracting websites.

No matter what operating system you use, changing router settings lets you block Hulu ads across all browsers and computers. Keep in mind that this will affect everyone in your household or business.

1. Find your router’s IP, and type it into any browser’s address bar to get to its settings page. Try or you’ll also need your router username and password.

2. Once you’re on your router settings page, look for a setting called Block SitesAccess Restrictions, Web Filtering, or something similar. You might find it under SecurityParental Controls, or Advanced. Every router is different, so consult your manual.

3. Once you find the setting, enter the domain so it will block Hulu ads.

get rid of ads on Hulu

Block Ads When Opening Two Tabs

This is one of the easest methods to skip ads when opening two tabs in your browser. This method only works for PC users though, but you won’t have to worry about ad interruptions again once you get it set up! To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open a Hulu account and play the show you want to watch.
  • When an ad starts playing, quickly open another tab in your browser.
  • The ad will skip, and you can continue watching your show without interruption.

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Move to the Hulu Ad-Free Plan

Hulu Premium version is starting at $12.99 per month. This price is reasonable and worth it as the premium version effectively removes long ads from your Hulu. Don’t call yourself the biggest fans of the TV show when you don’t have this Hulu premium version.

how to skip ads on Hulu

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Enjoying Hulu Ad-Free

Out of the top tow methods should wourk the best for you to get rid of ads on Hulu. If you ask me, method 1 usually works perfectly. Share this article with your friends and family members.

While blocking Hulu ads isn’t easy, some regions receive less advertising than others. Clario’s built-in VPN can trick the app into thinking you’re in another location and decrease the number of ads you hear.

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