How To Block ATM Card All Indian Banks

You have lost your ATM card and want to know how to block it? So today I’m here to help you out from this critical situation as this can harm you allot, I have included all the Indian Banks with there ATM blocking methods.

If someone has stolen your datbit card then it is very necessary to inform your bank and get your ATM card blocked for the person who stole medium card will not be able to use it and you will be safe as well as your earned and saved money will be safe.

How to Block SBI ATM card

If you are an account holder in SBI and lost your SBI ATM Card or if your debit card has been stolen by someone.Then it is very necessary to report it and ensure that your card get blocked with immediate effect. Immediate SBI ATM Card block can help you prevent from chances of fraudulent and unauthorized transactions with your card, leading to major losses.

State Bank of India ensures that ATM Card blocking process is simple, fast and hassle-free. This enables all the SBI Customers to take necessary steps to prevent any frauds and misuse of your SBI ATM card. Check the simple steps on how to block SBI ATM Card through net banking, SMS or customer care that I have given below.

How to Block SBI ATM Card through Net Banking?

SBI Account holder can easily block there SBI ATM card online using Online SBI services. All he/she has to just follow the few simple steps:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Login to SBI net banking portal by providing the username and password details.

Step 3: Go to ‘e-Services’ tab and click on ‘ATM Card Services Option’.

Step 4: Click on ‘Block ATM Card’ option.

Step 5: Choose the account that is linked to the ATM cum Debit Card that the account holder wants to block.

Step 6: Account holder will be able to see the list of all the cards that are active and blocked. This list will display the first and last four digits of the ATM card.

Step 7: SBI account holder should select the card that he/she wants to block, provide the reason if it’s ‘Lost’ or ‘Stolen’ and click on “Submit”. Verify the details required and confirm.

Step 8: Choose the mode to authenticate the request. The account holder can either opt for an OTP number or use the Profile Password.

Step 9: Enter OTP or the profile password, as selected, and click on confirm.

The account holder of SBI will receive a ticket number via an SMS alert once the SBI ATM cum Debit Card has been blocked. The account holder should make sure that he/she saves the ticket number for any future reference.

The account holder can also check the ATM cards already blocked or inactive through the SBI net banking portal. This can help them in checking the status of their ATM cards by just signing in to the SBI net banking portal.

Note: Once the account holder has blocked SBI ATM card using net banking, he/she will not be able to unblock it through internet banking.

How to Block SBI ATM Card through Mobile Banking?

SBI account holders can block their SBI ATM Cards by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Login to ‘SBI Mobile Banking’ application on Android or iOS smartphone.

Step 2: On the home screen of the SBI mobile banking app, select ‘Services’ option.

Step 3: Under ‘Services’ menu, select ‘Debit Card Hotlisting’ option to block SBI ATM card in minutes.

Step 4: On the next page, the account holder should select the debit account linked with the ATM card that he/she wants to block.

Step 5: In the next menu, the account holder will be required to select the debit card which he/she wants to block.

Step 6: In this step, the account holder will be required to select the reason for the blocking of SBI ATM card. The account holder can only select between options ‘Lost’ and ’Stolen’.

Step 7: To validate SBI ATM card block, the account holder will then have to provide an OTP (One Time Password). After this step, SBI ATM card will be blocked.

The account holder of SBI can prevent blocking of their SBI ATM card in case they do not want to use it. SBI account holders can easily ‘Turn off’ the domestic and international usage of their ATM card to prevent any fraudulent activities as well.

This makes it convenient for SBI account holders to save their card from any fraudulent activities. This functionality saves time as well, as the account holder will not be required to unblock the card in case he/she wants to use it in the future. The account holder can simply ‘Turn on’ the domestic and international usage option to use the card again.

How to Block SBI ATM Card by Phone Call?

Account holder also has the option of calling customer care to register a complaint and block SBI ATM Card quickly and with immediate effect. Once the account holder has noticed that the ATM card is missing,

he/she can call SBI ATM card block number 18004253800 or 1800112211. This is a toll free SBI ATM card block number IVRS option where the account holder will be guided by IVRS on how to block SBI ATM Card. Just follow the instructions provided and the ATM card will be blocked immediately.

If any SBI account holder is still wondering how to block SBI ATM card and none of the above options are suitable for him/her, then he/she also have the option of visiting the nearest SBI Branch to block SBI ATM card.

How to block PNB ATM Card

A Punjab National Bank customer has three options to block his/her debit card, either through the internet banking facility, via SMS or by calling the customer care unit of Punjab National Bank. Let’s discuss how one can block their debit card through the aforementioned procedures. Let’s begin.

How to block PNb ATM Card Through Net Banking

PNB customers should follow the steps mentioned below to block their debit card if it either stolen or lost. Before that, customers should ensure that their internet banking account is active and they know their username and password. Now, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official banking website of Punjab National Bank.
  • Choose the personal banking account link.
  • The page will be redirected. Now, login using your Punjab National Bank username and password.
  • Choose the language of your choice before clicking on the “sign in” button.
  • The page will be redirected once you have logged in. On the top bar of your screen, click on the “value added services” button.
  • From the drop down menu, choose the “debit card hotlisting” link.
  • Next, once you have clicked on that, choose the bank account linked to the particular debit card that you wish blocked. This is provided you have multiple accounts with Punjab National Bank.
  • Once you have chosen the account, click on “continue”.
  • An OTP (One-time password) will be send to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and click on “confirm”.
  • Once you have done that, your Punjab National Bank debit card will be blocked.

How to Block PNB ATM Card by Phone Call?

Punjab National Bank customers can block their PNB debit card if lost or stolen by calling the below listed numbers:

  • Punjab National Bank toll-free number: 1800 180 2222 or 1800 103 2222
  • Punjab National Bank helpline number: 0120-2490000
  • ATM switch direct call: 011-23319972

Now, as soon as the PNB customer care executive answers the phone, share the details of your debit card with him/her and answer the questions for validation of your account. Once you answer them properly, the card will be blocked immediately. Punjab National Bank will then send you a confirmation message that your card has been blocked.

How to Block PNB ATM Card by SMS?

This is probably the easiest way a Punjab National Bank customer can block his/her debit card if it is lost or stolen. That said, for this to be a possibility, the customer has to have his/her number registered with the bank.

To block one’s PNB debit card, the customer has to send an SMS stating “Hot and send the message to 5607040. Once the bank receives the message, they will block the debit card of the customer and send him/her an intimation message of the same.


1. What should I do if I have blocked the wrong debit card?

Well, this might happen if you have multiple accounts with Punjab National Bank. You can unblock the card and reactivate it through your internet banking account or by calling the Punjab National Bank customer care unit.

2. What if the above mentioned means of blocking one’s Punjab National Bank are not successful?

If you have not been able to block your ATM card either through your internet banking account, through the customer care service or via SMS, then you will have to visit the bank branch holding your account and request them to block the ATM debit card for you.

3. Will I be charged a penalty for blocking my card?

No, there will be no charges for blocking your Punjab National Bank ATM card.

4. What should I do once my Punjab National Bank debit card is blocked?

If your Punjab National Bank has been blocked following you reporting it either lost or stolen, then the next step for you would be to request the bank for a new ATM debit card. This can be done either through your net banking account or by visiting the Punjab National Bank holding your account.

5. Should I block my Punjab National Bank ATM debit card if I realise that some money in my account has gone missing?

If you feel that some money in your account has gone missing, start by running through your bank statements to check the source of where and when money has been debited from your account. Once you’re sure that you did not carry out the transactions, contact the bank immediately and request them to investigate the case. If you feel this has resulted from your card details either being duplicated or forged due to some fraudulent activity, it is safer to block your card then and there without any delay. As soon as you have blocked your card, you can request the bank to issue a new debit card of your choice.

How to Block Bank of India ATM Card 

If you are BOI Bank of India customer and has lost or stolen your ATM card Debit card or Credit card then you need to immediately deactivate the card to protect from false transactions.

How to Block BOI ATM Card by Internet Banking

Log in to BOI Internet Banking

Request for hot-listing of the Debit card in the top menu.

Block Bank of India Credit Card

For Hotlisting of BOI Credit Card you can dial below Toll Free Number.

Dial Toll Free Number 1800220088 and request to block the credit card
Land Line Number is 02240426005 or 02240426006

Visit the nearest Bank of India bank and ask them to block the card and fill an application for re-issuance of a new ATM card.

How to Block BOI ATM Card by Phone Call?

Before calling to block or hotlist the ATM card you need to know the account number or atm card number or atm pin.

Toll Free Number to Block BOI ATM Card is 18004251112

You can call 1800 425 1112 from any mobile.

And Landline number is 022-40429123

How to Block Axis Bank ATM card

If you are a Axis bank customer and your Axis Bank Debit Card, ATM Card or Credit Card has been lost or stolen then now you can easily block your Debit/ATM Card or Credit card in simple steps, block the card at earliest to prevent from the misuse of your card. Check below various methods to block Debit/ATM, Credit Card of Axis bank.

How to Block Axis Bank ATM by SMS

SMS as BLOCKCARD and send it to 5676782 or +919717000002

e.g., BLOCKCARD send sms to 5676782 or +919717000002

Block Axis Bank Debit/ATM Card by Calling Customer Care

You can dial below Axis Bank ATM block phone number.

By calling Axis bank Emergency Helpline Number +91-22-67987700 or 022-67987700, you can block your card, before dialing keep ready your bank account number or ATM Pin, or Debit Card number.

Block Axis Bank Debit card by login to Internet Banking account and select ‘Block Card’ option in the Debit Cards section.

You can also Block the card in Axis Mobile App, by navigating to Banking -> Services -> Debit Cards -> Block & Replace Option.