How To Activate Dark Mode In Google Chrome

Chrome Dark Mode

Google has released version 74 of its Chrome browser, but for the time being only the desktop and iOS version. The version for Android and Chrome OS will follow in the coming days. In addition to numerous new functions, this also includes a dark mode for Windows users for the first time. As soon as the dark mode has been activated in Windows 10. This should protect the eyes, especially in the evening or with longer screen work. The feature has been available to MacOS users since Chrome 73.

Although the feature is already included in the new version, it can not be used immediately by any Windows user. According to Google , “this feature will be delivered to a small number of Chrome M74 users and it will be more widely available in the near future”. In the course of this roll-out phase, Google apparently also wants to gain experience and recognize potential problems at an early stage.

How To Enable Dark Mode In Google Chrome

But there is also a way to get to the new function earlier. All you have to do is select the shortcut that starts Chrome . Right-click to open the context menu and select “Properties”. Under “Destination”, add “–force-dark-mode” (without the quotation marks) to the end and then confirm the setting with OK. If you start Chrome via this link, it automatically opens in Dark Mode . If you usually start your browser via the taskbar, you have to remove the link there and drag the modified link there again.

In addition to the dark mode, Chrome 74 offers many new useful features, such as disabling website animations via CSS (prefers-reduced-motion). It also prevents pages from pop-up before closing.

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