How To Activate Dark Mode In Chrome For Android

Chrome Dark Mode

The new Chrome browser brings, among other things, the long-awaited by many users dark mode.

The Dark Mode holds with version 74 in Google’s browser Chrome collection. How you activate the dark mode im Windows 10 , we have already shown you here . Now you’ll read how to unlock it on Android .

How To Enable Dark Mode In Chrome For Android

Make sure you have Chrome 74 installed. You can either on the corresponding page in the Play Store, or in the menu item “About Google Chrome ” in Settings.

If you do not have version 74 yet, update the browser in the Play Store. Alternatively, you can side load the APK , or switch to the beta version .

The Dark Mode is not an official feature yet, but hides in the flags . There you have to activate it accordingly. To do this type in the browser line chrome: // flags .

In the search field you can search for “dark mode” .

Then you will find the flag ” AndroidChrome UI dark mode”. Instead of “Default” you select there “Enabled”.

Restart your browser

If you now call the settings in the newly launched app , you will find there the item “Dark mode” . There you can just turn it on.

Hope you enjoyed dark mode in your application if you did consider sharing this article with your friends and family dark mode and protect their eyes.

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