How to use Picture-in-Picture mode in MIUI 10?

How to use PIP mode in MIUI 10 | As everyone of us know, Picture-in-Picture mode was introduced by with the native support from Android Oreo. Picture-in-Picture, commonly called as PIP mode.

What is PIP Mode

It is a very useful feature that comes handy when you want to watch video or navigate, without disrupting the chat or reading the article. PIP mode is present in MIUI 10 and will be available in MIUI 11.

PIP Mode In MIUI 10

PIP mode is a special type of Multi-window mode, which shrinks the video/content into a small window & lets you do anyother task simulataneously without having to compromise with small screen

PIP Mode In MIUI 10

it would be in split screen. The aim of PIP mode is to give the uninterrupted media without disturbing the work on the foreground. This PIP mode has the history since 1983, when PHILIPS introducedlll it first in TVs.

This is to enable the users to enjoy two contents at a time, similar to the motive of support in Android. MIUI 10 devices running Android Oreo has got the feature for apps like Chrome, Youtube, WhatsApp, instagram etc.

How to Enable PIP mode in MIUI 10

  • Go to settings
  • Additional settings
  • Privacy
  • Picture-In-Picuture mode

Enable it for the apps that you want. I will demonstrate with Google chrome.

  • Step 1: After enabling PIP for Google chrome, open any site that has video content. I opened CNN news & Youtube for this purpose.
  • Step 2: Switch to Desktop site
  • Step 3: Play the video in full-screen
  • Step 4: click Home button

Viola, you can notice the video playing at the corner of the screen!! Now you can open any app, read any article etc., without interrupting the video playback.


  • 1. PIP mode supports a very few apps & only in devices running Android O.
  • 2. For Youtube app to play in PIP mode, you should have subscribed to Youtube Red.
  • 3. In whatsapp, PIP mode works in same manner with video call.
  • 4.In Google maps, PIP works after turning on navigation.

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